Advanced Strategy: Attack speed calculation

A knowledge of how the game calculates attack speed is very important for planning in all game modes. Everything from organizing a stun-lock in Boss Fights, to calculating DPS(damage per second), to deciding what the best team for Here be Monsters O-T, attack speed knowledge will give you a discernible edge. Attack speed is calculated in ms (1000ms being 1 second). It is also important to note that attack speed rounds: UP to the nearest 200ms from 200ms to 1200ms, then it rounds to 1500ms and 2000ms. There is also a 200ms attack speed cap, the fastest any hero can attack is 200ms. Some people think that to apply a 20% attack speed boost you simply multiply by the new number expressed as a percentage, I.E: current attack speed is 1000ms and we have 20% increased attack speed from Berserk 3/5. 80% of 1000ms is 1000 *0.8= 800ms. This is incorrect because your initial attack speed is now 25% slower than your new attack speed. (25% of 800 is 200). To calculate attack speed you divide the current attack speed by the new attack speed expressed as a percentage, this number rounds up to the nearest breakpoint (see table below): Let’s use the above example. 1000ms hero with Berserk 3/5 receives a 20% attack speed boost- 1000/ 1.2 (because the new attack speed should be 120% of the current, 100%, attack speed) = 833.3 recurring. On Android this would actually mean there is no speed benefit in this situation because it rounds up to 1000ms. On other platforms it rounds up to 900ms. To apply multiple attack speed buffs simply add more steps into the calculation. For those who do not have much experience with maths make sure you don’t round early and then use your new rounded number in the next calculation: Spirit Mage has a 1000ms attack speed and Berserk 3/5, when raiding you use Pumpkin Duke 7/9 and Ares’ Frenzy level 4. Spirit Mage’s attack speed is 1000/1.2(20% attack speed buff from Berserk)/1.4(40% buff from PD)/1.5(50% buff from Frenzy)= 397ms which rounds to 400ms on all platforms.

  The following table has all of the breakpoints for attack speed rounding. If a hero’s attack speed falls between 2 numbers it will round up to the higher number in the table. As you can see, 200ms is the fastest attack speed on all servers.
Non-Android ServersAndroid Server