Advanced Strategy: Damage and Damage Reduction calculation


Damage refers to the end result of an attack, the amount of HPPDGamers.png the target loses after your attack is finalized. The hero’s base stat is ‘Attack’PDGamers.png and damage is calculated in game like this:

AttackPDGamers.png(Including attack stat increases due to inscriptions and Crests) multiplied by all Attack Buffs (This is Net Attack) multiplied by the percentage of Attack that is to be received after any reductions are applied. This gives you ‘Damage’, which is the amount of HPPDGamers.png lost by the target at the conclusion of your attack.

Damage and Damage Reduction stacking works in an interesting way in Castle Clash. AttackPDGamers.png buffs compound and therefore you receive increasing benefits from multiple buffs, Damage Reduction works in the opposite way, reducing the effectiveness of successive buffs.


Attack Buff calculation:

Attack multipliers, or buffs as they are commonly known, work very well in multiples and act somewhat like compound interest.

A hero with a base AttackPDGamers.png of 1000 and a 40% Attack buff from Pumpkin Duke(PD) will deal 1400 damage (1000*1.4), 400 damage being what PD is providing. If we add another active PD proc to the mix however we now have:

Base AttackPDGamers.png of 1000*1.4(Pd Buff 1 +40%)*1.4( Pd buff 2 +40%) = 1960 Damage.

The second buff provided 560 damage. This is because the second 40% buff increases the new total attack( base att+40%) by 40%, compounding the first one.

This is best seen in game against Cupid in Hero Trials lvl6 and higher. Once all the Cupids proc they receive a staggering attack buff that is renewed as soon as it wears off and they 1 shot everything.

Realistic example of damage calculation:

You’ve probably seen Minotaur Chieftain(MC) decimating bases with a single proc.

MC at level 168 has 3393 base attackPDGamers.png, let’s say he is 7/9 (170% damage from Proc) and has War God 2/5 (15% increase attack), level 80 Inscriptions and a level 1 Stone Skin Crest set. The Inscriptions and Crests bring his attack to 5717(+2324).

Minotaur is going to be buffed by a 7/9 PD (40%), a 5/9 Cupid (30%) , a Druid 5/9 (26%) and an Ares’ Frenzy level 5 spell (60%) before he procs.

His Damage, to all 40 targets, will be:

5717*1.15(WG)*1.4(PD)*1.3(CU)*1.26(Druid)*1.6(Frenzy)*1.7(Skill modifier)=

41008 Damage!

Damage Reduction:

Damage Reduction works in the opposite way to Attack Buffs. Additional active Damage Reduction buffs are less effective than the previous one(s). The way to calculate Damage Reduction is: Net AttackPDGamers.png multiplied by the percentage of damage to be received factoring in any defensive buff(s):

A hero with Stone Skin 4/5 receives 20% reduced damage meaning they expect to receive 80% of the enemy’s net Attack. If they are attacked by a hero with a net attack of 1000 the amount of damage they take is 1000*0.8= 800.

A 3/9 Paladin with Stone Skin 4/5 receives a 20% reduction of damage from his talent and a 60% reduction from his skill. If he is attacked for 1000 the damage he will receive will be 1000*0.8(talent)*0.4(skill)= 320 which is a total reduction of 68%.

A complete Castle Clash damage calculation looks like this:

Hero X is attacking Hero Y.

Hero X has a base attack of 1000PDGamers.png, receives 1500PDGamers.png from Inscriptions and Crests and receives the following attack buffs:

  • War God 4/5(25% ).
  • Ares’ Frenzy level 5(60%).
  • Pumpkin Duke 8/9 (45%)
  • Cupid 7/9 (40%)
  • Druid 5/9 (26%)

Hero Y is a Paladin 4/9 with Stone Skin 5/5 who has proc’d. his total Damage Reduction is:

  • 65% from skill.
  • 25% from talent.

The output damage will be: (1000 + 1500)*1.25*1.6*1.45*1.4*1.26*0.35*0.75=