Advanced Strategy: Elite Dungeons

The Elite Dungeons were added to the game in December 2014 and are considerably tougher than the previous set. You need to use magic, powerful heroes and clever placement to progress far. Players without level 160+ heroes, inscribed at least to 80 and with high level skills will struggle very badly come Elite Dungeon 6.  The main goal of most players in the short term is to reach Elite Dungeon 7-10 which is the 57 shard farmable dungeon that is very easy to defeat due to only have level 1 garrisons, it is however, quite difficult to reach. There are a few strategies that can help you if you find yourself stuck and if you plan accordingly you will be able to progress:


Magic is a must. The harder dungeons simply can not be done without the 3 key spells:

  • Ares’ Frenzy: Pumpkin Duke (PD) proc in a spell, invaluable at the start of the battle.
  • Snowstorm: Very important to freeze the stun towers until your PD can start procing.
  • Guardian Angel: Can be the difference between 45% and 50%, especially good if you are tanking with PD to get his procs stacking as soon as possible.

As for 4th spell selection there are quite a few options. Restoration can be valuable in some circumstances and Ares’ Fervor provides a consistent damage boost for your heroes. The spells that damage buildings can destroy the last building for you but generally tend to perform poorly.

Hero Selection:

Pumpkin Duke is an absolute must. Cupid works best with him and is virtually essential also. Due to the massive damage of the 7/7/7 garrisoned towers your healers are important so Druid and Orksbane often find their way into your team. Orksbane may even be a better healer than Druid if you use troops due to his ability to heal up to 20 targets as well as his immunity to Coma meaning he can’t become stun-locked, leaving you without a healer. Destroyer is hands down the best damage output/tank hero available. Santa Boom and Minotaur Chieftain do huge damage to buildings and tend to make your top 6 and any hero that is especially well rounded with high HPPDGamers.png and good AttackPDGamers.png is useful also (Vlad Dracula, Moltanica).


Try to avoid using:

  • Aries: Heroes are not the problem in this game mode, his proc is not very useful.
  • Grizzly Reaper: Same reason as Aries.
  • Spirit Mage:  Whilst his damage is very good, there are often too many troops absorbing his proc for him to be overly effective, his low HPPDGamers.png is a liability.
  • Immortep: Can only hit 5 targets at a time with his proc and there are walls all over the place absorbing it.
  • Thunder God: If he had more AttackPDGamers.png or HPPDGamers.png he would be good.

Your heroes will all need high skill levels, 5/9 at least. Pumpkin Duke is the most significant hero and almost certainly needs to be 7/9 plus. The higher his skill the higher your team’s DPS. Your hero drop order will largely depend on what Talents and Crests you have available. Typically you want to lead with whomever is going to live the longest unless you are specifically trying to get the most out of PD in a short term by letting him take the aggro with protection from Guardian Angel and/or Scorch (this strat becomes better as PD’s skill level improves).


The issue on Elite Dungeons is survivability or lack thereof. As a result, all of the defensive Talents are especially useful. Stone Skin and Tenacity are comparable and are both good. Scorch is often the real standout of the defensive Talents. Scorch at 1/5 grants you a 5% chance per hit to become invulnerable for 1 second (2 second cooldown). This means if you are being attacked by 20 enemies at once you have a (roughly) 50% chance to become invulnerable each second it is available. This is a potential boon of up to several seconds for each hero over the fight. Don’t use Blade Shell and Flame Guard. These talents actually do not reduce the amount of damage you take, they just hurt the attacker as well.

Bulwark is also an exceptional Crest Talent for Elite Dungeons, if gives your damage based heroes some added bite and a very needed HPPDGamers.png boost.


Try using Fairy Dragons or Ornithopters. Not only can their damage the the difference between a near miss and a pass but they also absorb damage allowing your heroes to survive slightly longer. The other troops are both usable but due to their inability to fly they can get stuck behind walls. The Savage Ogre actually has the best DPS of all the troops with its fast run speed but unfortunately their low HPPDGamers.png significantly reduces their damage absorption capabilities. You can even use the troop protection flag if your Guild is willing to level it up and activate it.