Welcome to the Advanced Strategy section of our site. For experienced players this is where you will be learning the most and we hope the information available helps you to achieve the next level in Castle Clash play. The Advanced strategy guides are written with the aim that they clearly communicate their topic to the widest possible range or audience that plays the game, which means for veterans they may read a little bit slower than they could. That said they do still include a bit of Castle clash jargon and a bit of math. If you are relatively new to the game and looking for that competitive edge i’d suggest popping open our Glossary page to reference some of the acronyms if you do not know them.

If you notice anything you think is wrong or if you are looking for something and it appears to be missing please let us know so we can fix it!


Advanced Strategy: Talent selection


Advanced Strategy: Attack speed calculation


Advanced Strategy: Boss Fights


Advanced Strategy: Damage and Damage Reduction calculation


Advanced Strategy: DPS


Advanced Strategy: Elite Dungeons


Advanced Strategy: High level Arena play


Advanced Strategy: Low level Arena play


Advanced Strategy: Priorities


Advanced Strategy: Slow Down Lock