Advanced Strategy: Lost Battlefield


Team guides and information is in the drop down tabs at the bottom of the page.

As of late 2015, the game mode Lost Battlefield was added to castle clash. This game mode is one of the best additions of recent updates. It is like a cross between Lost Realm and Arena except with good rewards, Gems and Fame. It is a highly skilled format, unlike Arena, where players with weaker accounts or missing heroes can occasionally make up for their deficiencies by picking the correct opponents and making savvy teams. To get to the Lost Battlefield, click on your Arena and select the last tab.

Lost Battlefield is a weekly league that pays out Gem’s at the end of the week based on point’s earned. Players contest the lost battlefield each day and can initiate 5 matches per day. Each match consist of 3 teams of up to 5 heroes fighting against each other, if you win 2 of these battles you win the match.

You receive fame for each LB match you compete in. Fame can be used to buy LVL.5 talent cards or for runes to upgrade talents:

Items Costs (Fame)
Level 6 Talent Rune 300
Level 7 Talent Rune 600
Level 8 Talent Rune 1200
Level 5 Talent Chest 5000
  • You need 10 runes to upgrade a talent to the respective level, only 5/8 talents can be upgraded.

The bigger the difference between your opponents current score and your score; the more fame and points you earn for the win, you always get 10 points and fame for a loss. Due to this you want to do your matches as late in the Server day as possible (server clock is in the top right corner of your CC screen). You get 5 refreshes per day to change the available opponents.

Based on your rank each season you get benefits for the next season:

Rank 1 1 – 299 0%
Rank 2 300 – 599 10%
Rank 3 600 – 999 20%
Rank 4 1000 – 1499 30%
Rank 5 1500 + 50%

The Gem prizes at the end of each season are based on which rank you are in. Everyone who reaches the threshold receives the base reward, the players with the highest score in each rank that do not make it into the next rank will receive bonus rewards: The rewards are in Gems.

Base 10 110 210 410 690
Top 100-51 20 120 230 440 730
Top 50-11 30 130 250 470 770
Top 11-4 40 140 270 500 810
3rd 60 160 320 560 890
 2nd 80 180 360 620 970
1st 100 200 400 680 1050



Do not forget to click on the rank button after each season to go and collect your rewards!!


Basic Strategy: Team setup considerations;

This is for designing your 3 teams, the next section is for team placement (as in which team battles first, second or third).

You need to plan to win 2 battles against opponents so based on what heroes you have available you need to give yourself the best chance of doing this. There are a few very specific pieces of knowledge to help you build your teams:

  • Aries beats everything! Just like in every other game mode, if your aries procs before theirs, barring some exceptional circumstances, you will win this battle. All you need is enough power to kill their heroes before Aries’s proc wears off.
  • Atlanticore steals wins: Even at a mediocre skill level AC beats a lot of teams. He loses to Aries, and a good destroyer can tank him. He can also be outdone by multiple healers. Fortunately you get 4 extra heroes to help him win.
  • Slow Down teams can be good. Drake+WL (5 Revite)+ Harpy with a couple of powerful attackers can kill opposing teams (that don’t have Revite 5 Aries) before they even get to attack you.


With the focus on the 2 main heroes (Aries and Atlanticore) you can optimize your teams based on what heroes you have available. For players with most/all heroes it can be tricky how to organize your guys for optimal setup. What I do is have a team focused on Aries, a team focused on AC and a powerful team. Players with very limited number’s of heroes should focus on having 2 very solid teams, one based on Aries, one based on AC and not be too concerned with the third. I’ll put some general information and then I’ll show an example (My IOS account and the setup I use to maximize the team quality).

Atlanticore teams:

Atlanticore takes time to proc but when he does he devastates anything attacking him, especially if the opponent is receiving attack buffs from PD, Cupid or Druid.

It is very important to have the right AC: He MUST have revive, this is the best talent, either from talent or crest. This allows him to get killed and come back with a free attack to proc when there is an enemy in range, sometimes the opponents damage kill’s AC before he get’s a chance to proc naturally. Revitalize is also a very good talent and  Revite+Revive is a very good combo (Although I prefer Revive+Psyshield). One important thing about AC is that he just loses to an Aries proc; The energy steal is just too much to bear and Aries’s skill stops revive from working- This is why Psyshield is so good for him.

Building your team around AC is simple:

  • You want the enemy to attack him, so no stun (Vlad, Immortep, Champion, TG, Dread Drake) or slow down (Harpy, Warlock..
  • You want them to die fast, so no debuff skills (Molt for example).
  • You want AC to live as long as possible to maximise proc’s, so Yes to healers!
  • When AC procs, they will always be close to death, if not dead, so High damage hero’s are very good here.

So, with these things in mind, an easily buildable AC team should be:

  •  AC with Revive+Revitalize from talent+crest. I operate with a 9 Star, evolved AC 9/10, revive 3 with Psyshield Crest.
  • Healers: Druid, Orksbane if you have him.
  • Treantaur if you have him because he revives AC for more fun- This guy is actually a stand out on my AC team.
  • Cupid is good if he has Revitalize, but Cupid is amazing in all teams so it’s hard to decide where to put him.
  • The last 1-3 spots should be high damage heroes that don’t stun or debuff: Spirit Mage, Reaper, Siren, Death Knight suit perfectly. Santa is good, but only if he is very high skill because the slowdown effect of his proc works against your AC. Skull Knight is very good but imght be better served elsewhere.


Aries Team:

If your Aries procs first and your team is built right, you win. So building Aries teams seems easy, you need to:

  • Maximise the chance your Aries procs, and make it as fast as possible for when you are against Aries.
  • Ensure when your Aries procs that you win before his skill wears off.

If you’re only building 2 teams it’s simple to fill out your teams with your best heroes. If you’re building a third team, making the best choices is hard. If your Aries has Revitalize 5/5 then put the highest level Sprint crest you can find on him and stick him at the front so he procs fast and fill your team up with the right heroes and you should be set. If your Aries does not have Revitalize and your Cupid has Revite 5/5, use cupid and Aries at the front with Revite crests on Aries. If you have no Revite on either, use Aries at the front(Revite crest) and don’t use cupid in this team.

As for filling out your Aries team you have 2 goals: Procing ASAP and killing their heroes before Aries’ proc wears off. Some heroes, like stunners, help to buy time and are useful here also. Filling out the team will be based on the specific heroes you have available, of course, but this should serve as a pretty good guide:

  • PD is the best. He gives the highest damage boost in the game, get him in here.
  • Minotaur is sensational, stun AND energy reduction with damage to all.
  • Dread Drake, Warlock and Harpy are all sensational because they are all solid damage dealers as well as helping your Aries proc before enemy heroes.
  • Champion is very strong (if he has Revitalize): If your heroes kill their front 2 heroes only by the time your Aries’s proc wears off, Champ can buy you an additional 3 seconds to kill them, huge!
  • Thunder God is very good: Decent damage, stuns and has no cool down so can proc a few times with PD.
  • Pixie is good: At the front, a Sprint Pixie can stop their Aries from procing if she targets it. It can be the difference between them procing first and you procing first.
  • Immortep and Vlad are very good: Both stun and do high damage so they are guaranteed to kill the enemy heroes if you proc first.
  • Any other high damage hero is fine here for helping you mop up when Aries procs.


So with these things in mind, let’s look at a realistic account (My one). The account is decent but not amazing. Not especially good or bad talents, missing quite a few heroes but high level skills.

This account is missing: Santa, Death Knight, Skull Knight, Moltanica, Dread Drake, Ghoulem. No Revitalize for Warlock.

Multiple Level 3 crest sets for every crest, Level 4 available for all of the ordinary crests (although only Sprint and Stone Skin are built to 4/5).

The account has all other heroes with the main relevant ones listed below:

  • AC 9 star evoled star, 9/10. 3/8 Revive. Psyshield crest. 96 Inscribe.
  • Aries 10 star, 8/10. Revitalize 4/5. Sprint 4/5 Crests. 90 Inscribe.
  • PD Evoled 8 star, 9/10. Berserk 3/8. Stone Skin 4/5). 93 Inscribe.
  • Cupid 10 star 9/10. Revitalize 5/5. Sprint 3/5 Crest. 90 Inscribe.
  • Vlad Dracula 9 Star Evolved, 10/10. War God 4/8. Revive 3/5 Crests. 100 Inscribe.
  • Destroyer 8 star evolved, 10/10. Enlighten 5/5 talent. Revitalize 3/5 crest (so he procs first hit thanks to Cupid). 100 Inscribe.
  • Druid 8 star evolved, 8/10. Berserk 4/8. Life Drain 3/5 Crest. Inscribe 90.
  • Harpy 4/5 sprint, Wargod 3/5 Crest. 10 star 7/10. 90 Inscribe.
  • Treantaur 8 star, 4/10 Revive 2/8 + Flameguard 3/5 Crests, 80 Inscribe
  • Spirit Mage 10 star 7/10. War God 5/8 + Berserk 3/5 Crests. 80 Insc.
  • Orksbane 9 star 5/10. Life Drain 3/8 + Berserk 3/5 Crests. 80 Insc.
  • Pixie 8 Star 4/9. Insc 80. Sprint 3/5.
  • Minotaur 10 star 7/10. Revitalize 4/5. Revive 3 crest, Insc 80.
  • All other heroes 9 star with varying skills Insc 80, TG is 10 star.

The breakdown of teams for this account is as follows:

Aries Team (Loses to revite 5 Aries teams, beats everything else unless Aries get’s stunned before he procs).


AC Team (Loses to Aries and sometimes to strong teams including Santa that kill him twice before he procs).


Power Team (best heroes, tend to compete well against anything that include Aries (Revite 5/5).


My Aries team is set as Team A (the first team to battle) that way I can look at my opponents avatar hero. If I see Aries, I avoid it. If I see a hero that normally goes with Aries I avoid it (Warlock, Harpy, Mino, Cupid). If I see AC I always fight it. If I see a weak hero I always fight ( If they are a high rank). Barring one of my avoid targets I always fight the highest rank.

My AC team is team B because most people put their best 2 teams first, I want my power team to not come up against Aries so I want it last ( My power team beats AC).

Power team is Team C.

Aries team is: Aries, TG, PD front row. Harpy, Orksbane second row ( I use Orksbane to help me against weak AC procs. I could use Mino in here but prefer him in my power team to synergize with my Vlad. I almost never have an issue with winning if my Aries procs, the PD sorts out the damage well enough.

AC team is: AC, Reaper front row. Druid, Treantaur and Spirit Mage second row. SM and reaper are the best damage dealers that aren’t good enough for the power team. Druid to keep AC alive, I don’t use Orks here even though I could because I like a healer in the power team to help vs AC’s. Treantaur is a house, winning me a few battles I would otherwise lose depsite his low level and skill.

Power Team: Cupid, Mino, Vlad front row. Destroyer, Immortep second row.

Thanks to my super Cupid this team win’s really fast. If my opponent doesn’t have a revite Aries, my sprinting Mino procs first hit and before his stun wears off my Vlad procs. Vlad kills most heroes very quickly. My destroyer procs on his first hit too thanks to the combo of Revite 3 crest and 9/10 revite 5 Cupid. The Destroyer also can tank AC’s if one was to somehow proc, he still hurts himself when he procs, but he gains life while attacking them afterwards so as long as he doesn’t 1 shot himself he is ok.

Order selection and opponent selection:

Your team ordering has the potential to be crucial because you get to see one hero of the opposition’s first team before battling them. This means you can potentially avoid a bad matchup or choose a good one. In addition to this, on IOS most players have their first 2 teams quite strong and their 3rd team is just leftovers (Although some people leftovers are decent heroes!). As a result I like to put my powerful, non Aries team 3rd; they rarely come up against an Aries. Depending on the makeup of your team you’ll select one to be the first team that can get the most out of avoiding certain heroes. For example, if you have a team with PD and no Aries you want this team first so you can avoid being smashed by Atlanticores. Similarly if you have a garbage team or a particularly weak team, slot A is the best because you can CHOOSE to fight Aries, that way your best 2 teams can be guarantee’d not to come up against Aries. I choose to use my Aries (not revite 5/5) team first, that way when I see AC I can fight it and kill it, although I perhaps should use my AC team first (my weakest) and fight Aries when I see them to give myself 2 easier matches.