Advanced Strategy: Low level Arena play

In the early stages of Arena (up until the top couple of thousand) you will be up against opponents that do not have complete teams. Until you can reach the top 1000 or so it is probably best to not really focus on advancing in the Arena and instead set a single hero defensive team so you always get beat on defense. This means you can then fight weak opponents that you can walk over to earn 40 Honor BadgesHB.png per win. The reason why Arena is not worth focusing on for advancement early is that the rewards do not increase by much until you are well inside the top 1000. When you start in the Arena you get 50HB.png per hour. When you are ranked 1000th you get only double this, 100HB.png per hour. At 300 you receive 110HB.png. Whilst the rewards do not scale up by much the difficulty scales up dramatically. On IOS and Android you can not break into the top 1000 of the Arena without a Spirit Mage and you can not be in the top 100 without an Aries at 7/9 with Revitalize 5/5 and Sprint Crests. Whilst the newer servers are a little behind this, inevitably they will catch up so unless you expect to have these things then Arena is not a best use of your efforts in this game. If you do want to progress in the Arena there are quite a few things that are relevant for low level (Up to the top 300) strategy.

The best strategy, if it is available, is the open lane hero kill strategy.  Your plan is to kill their heroes before either of the crystals are destroyed. This is ideal because the crystal has 4* the HP of all the heroes combined! Which means each enemy hero, on average will have 1/24 this amount of HPPDGamers.png. For this you want to use as many heroes as you can that hit your enemy heroes from afar:

You support these heroes with heroes that increase their attack speed and AttackPDGamers.png:

You will find that after 1 or 2 procs from your Spirit Mage all your enemies are dead.

If you can not field an open lane kill team than you can still try for a Head to Head team. This is a team that focuses on choosing heroes that perform well against the opponents heroes directly. PD and Cupid are still incredible and are must haves to excel. Any hero that can hit the entire enemy team is exceptional, this includes the open lane heroes but the highest DPS heroes for this are:

Of the 4 heroes mentioned above, 3 of them have added stun and one of them debuffs the enemy. They are especially good for this strategy.