Advanced Strategy: Priorities


Priority is an underlying factor in many of Castle Clash’s internal decisions. Everything from which Vaults fill up first to what order heroes are hit relies upon priority and there a few ways you can abuse some of the games priority systems to your advantage. That said there are quite a few aspects of the priority systems that are not particularly abusable and knowing about them is purely anecdotal, nonetheless we have included them here and will add more as we test for and discover them.

Vault Priority:

A fairly easy to see example of priority is vault priority. If you’re farming ManaMana.png for your Inscriptions you may notice that your vaults fill up in a certain order. This order is not random and has a priority system. The Oldest vaults are filled first, before the next vault is filled.

Army Camp Priority

Army Camps empty in certain orders depending on how the troops are lost. Troops lost raiding or doing dungeons will be remove from 1 camp at a time, keeping them level wherever they can, the secondary priority is the oldest Army Camp. If I have 4 Army Camps each with 4 Griffins in them and I go raiding and lose 4 Griffins I will have 3 Griffins in each camp. If in the same scenario lose 2 griffins while raiding I will lose 1 Griffin from each of my Oldest 2 camps.

When donating troops for a quest however, Army Camps empty 1 at a time. The oldest camp will have all of its troops removed before the next camp is taken from, which is why on the occasions you have leftover troops they are often all in the 1 camp.

Attack Targeting Priority

The game decides who is to be attacked based on who is in range firstly, then age. So when the boss kills your first hero he will then target the oldest (first deployed) hero in range. The same applies to all attacks and all combinations of simultaneous attacks, everything happens in an order and every order is based on the coded priorities.

Spirit Mage is a good example. His priority order is:

  1. Type: Troops first, then heroes and buildings.
  2. Oldest for Buildings, oldest Hero Bases for heroes (when defending I.E HBM).

For troops the older army camps certainly get hit more often but there appears to be a random factor involved. The same goes for heroes vs buildings. Once the troops are depleted, heroes certainly get hit more often than buildings but they are not strictly prioritized first. With heroes it is based on: Age of Hero Bases if defending and order of deployment if attacking. Finding out which Hero Bases are the oldest is valuable for late game HBM because you can choose who Reaper is going to hit first with his skill.

Minotaur Chieftain operates much in the same way. At 7/9 he hits 40 targets. he prioritizes them in this way:

  • Legal targets (removes flying units)
  • Troops
  • Heroes and buildings.

He targets the older buildings first.

To find out which are your older buildings of each type simply go into base edit mode and ‘Remove All’. If all of the buildings of a type are the same level, when you place them back down they will be placed according to age, oldest first.


Arena offense works in the same way. If your enemy has a Reaper that hits 4 targets it will hit the first 4 heroes you have set. Knowing this allows you to choose who to protect from an Aries proc. Arena defense doesn’t seem to follow the same pattern. More testing is required to figure out just how Arena defense is working.

The other important mystery of the Arena that will eventually be solved through discovery of the knacks of priority is how the game decides who procs first between yours and your enemies heroes when they have the same speed. If my opponent and I both have a Revit 5/5 Aries with a 3/5 Sprint Crest set on and we both set correctly, who procs first and why? Is there a random factor or a deliberate reason. The current evidence suggests that there is a priority based reason behind how this interaction works but we have not discovered it..Yet.