Advanced Strategy: Talent selection


Talent selection is critical to all late game formats. On this page we will explore the best talents for ALL Legendary heroes for each of the formats they are good in. This means there is quite a bit of content so it has been organised into drop down menus for each hero. As a general rule it is better to specialize with talents that focus on enhancing the strong points of heroes rather than trying to make up for their weaknesses. Utility heroes like Pumpkin Duke and Cupid don’t have relevant stat strengths and weaknesses so strategy for them is more flexible.

Due to relative easiness of Raids, Dungeons and Hero Expedition in the mid-late game we don’t include these formats as part of our consideration for talent selection. This is because talents that are the best for these formats only make you slightly better at them at a potentially significant cost to your hero’s performance in other formats.

Another thing to note is that some talents are just better than others. Life Drain is always good and Revitalize 5/5 is almost always exceptional but because you don’t have the choice of what talents each hero has you need to prioritize where each important talent goes first.

Below all of the hero tabs there is a section with the priority placement of talents.



Paladin is a defensive hero with a defensive skill. The best talent for Paladin is Tenacity by a long shot. This is because multiple sources of Damage Reduction have diminishing returns making Stone Skin less effective on him than it would be on another hero.

A 3/9 Paladin with Stone Skin 4/5 receives a 20% reduction of damage from his talent and a 60% reduction from his skill. If he is attacked for 1000 the damage he will receive will be 1000*0.8(talent)*0.4(skill)= 320 which is a total reduction of 68%. In this instance the Stone Skin 4/5 makes it so your enemy has to deal 8% more damage to kill your Paladin. A comparable Tenacity would give a strait HPPDGamers.png boost which then gets additional value from the Paladins skill.


Champion has Low HPPDGamers.png and reasonable AttackPDGamers.png but he is only really used for Boss Fights as the game progresses. this makes the scope of talents that are good for him quite small.

  • Berserk 3/5+ is the best Talent for him. It enables a faster Stun Lock in the boss. The required level of Berserk will depend on your platform and Pumpkin Duke Level. Use the process for Attack Speed calculation to find out what level is needed.
  • Revitalize 4/5+ is also an exceptional talent because it starts your stun-lock for you, unfortunately this talent is in high demand.
  • Heavy Blow is also very good on Champion. A little less reliable than Revitalize but has the same end result in that it starts your stun for you.

Succubus is used as an early game DPS and debuff hero on the boss and can be used to help you kill the boss on HBM O-P.

  • Berserk is the best talent for her,  if you’re using her you want her to proc fast and often.
  • Survivability Talents increase her chance to survive and get off that critical proc.

Druid is an all-rounder and is used in most game modes. He is the most efficient healer and a good all round support hero. Attack buffs from talents DO NOT increase his healing affect.

  • Berserk is the best all round talent for him. More procs = more heal and more buff for the whole team.
  • Life Drain is also a very good talent, it is the best survivability talent and the life gain effect combined with the healing can be quite a nuisance for enemies. This talent is exceptional in Torch Battles.
  • Revive is also a very good talent for Druid. When a hero with Revive dies, the enemy targets a new attacker (if one is in range), this allows Druid to heal himself and truly gain a second life.
  • Slow Down is a reasonable talent for HBM Q+ to help with the bosses.
  • Heavy Blow is a good talent to help with Boss Fights in the early game.

Ninja is a very aggressive hero who deals large amounts of damage with his skill and has extremely flimsy HPPDGamers.png.  At the moment he does not excel in any game modes except Torch Battles.

  • All attack boosting talents are exceptional on him.
  • Life Drain or Scatter 4+ are incredible for Torch Battles. A Scatter 4+ Ninja will never allow an enemy to proc in Torch Battle.
Thunder God

Thunder God has a reasonably high damage skill that hits multiple targets. His relatively low stats have meant that he has a lot of competition in most players’ teams.

  • War God is the best talent for him. His skill is his strength and this gets the best value from it.
  • Bulwark is a less good War God.
  • Revitalize 4+ makes him usable in Lost Realm or Head to Head Arena play.
  • Berserk is a good talent for him due to having no Cool-down.

Atlanticore is used primarily to defeat powerful Revitalize and Pumpkin Duke teams in Lost Realm and Arena.

  • Revive is the best talent for him. He revives with whatever energy he died with and if there is a hero in range he will always get to attack and therefore proc.
  • Revitalize 5/5 is also quite good because he can proc fast. This is a lot less good than Revive for a couple of reasons:
  1. His Slow attack and movement speed means 5/5 Revitalize Aries removes the energy before he procs.
  2. Procing at the start of the battle is less valuable than procing half-way through once the enemy PD has proc’d a couple of times.
Grizzly Reaper:

Grizzly Reaper is a powerful Shardable hero that is used in many game modes. If you are using him in your HBM or Lost Realm teams than an attack based talent is going to be best:

  • War God increases the damage he deals with his skill and hence his healing.
  • Bulwark gives a smaller damage boost but a HPPDGamers.png boost is good on a self healer.
  • Berserk means more procs, more damage and more healing.

Life Drain is also a very powerful talent on reaper effectively turning him into a tank with his very fast attack speed. If you use Reaper primarily in the Arena (like me) then Sprint 4/5+ is the best talent: It increases him movement speed enough that he is able to run to the end and proc in time with Spirit Mage in Open lane strategies. For this use Sprint 4/5+ provides higher DPS than Berserk and Wargod.


Immortep’s strength is his ability to deal large amounts of damage to many enemies in a short space of time. This makes War God by far the best talent for him. Other than Bulwark, there are no other standout talents for Immortep.

Pumpkin Duke:

Pumpkin Duke is the most usable hero in the game. he excels in almost every game mode due to the power of his skill. If you are focused on Arena than Revitalize 5/5 is likely the best talent for your Pumpkin Duke, it is also the best talent in most situations for Lost Realm play.

The other relevant talent for him is Berserk, you’ll need to do some calculations to see what level of Berserk you need to gain a significant boost to his attack speed, this talent is also less beneficial on the Android platform.

It is also reasonable to take a different tact with PD. you can use Crests and his talent to give him 2 survivability talents so that he can tank far more effectively. Typically his ideal Crest talent is a survivability one (due to the relative inaccessibility of Berserk and Revitalize on crests).


Cupid has an extremely powerful skill with a 6 second cool-down. This, combined with mediocre statistics makes the best talent for him Revitalize. In fact, after Aries he is the most beneficial hero to put 5/5 Revitalize on.

Other talents that are ok for Cupid are:

  • Heavy Blow for Boss fights in early game.
  • Slow Down to help with high level HBM’s

Like with Aries however, Revitalize is just so much better than every other talent that it needs to be a high priority for him.


Snowzilla is a hero with decent stats but his main 2 assets are: His extremely high single target DPS and the Slow Down effect of his skill.

  • Bulwark is better than War God because he has good HPPDGamers.png and gets a solid benefit from both effects. Both these talents help with his DPS.
  • Slow Down is the best talent for him against the bosses of high HBM O+ but is easily gained with Crests.

Aries is THE arena hero. Whilst he performs well in most game modes he is absolutely vital to Lost Realm and high level Arena play. The best talent for him is Revitalize 5/5. In the 2 game modes where he excels it is all about having your Aries proc before the enemy Aries. There is no talent that stands out for him other than Revitalize 5/5 and he should be your number one priority to receive this talent. For Crest talents, Sprint is exceptional for him. This is because in a race between 2 Revitalize Aries to proc first, the one with the higher movement speed wins simply because he attacks before the other (generally). It is impossible to get to the top of the Arena without a 5/5 Revitalize Aries and some Sprint Crests.

Vlad Dracula:

Vlad Dracula is an extremely powerful hero. He self heals and deals massive amounts of damage with his skill. He also has fantastic stats. The best talents for him, in order, are:

  • War God: Every increase in damage is huge with this guy.
  • Bulwark: Smaller Attack buff but with his high HPPDGamers.png he gets a lot out of this talent.
  • Life Drain: Due to his self healing capabilities he can be very hard to kill even without this talent. Unfortunately his relatively slow attack speed means he doesn’t get quite as much out of Life Drain as Reaper.
Death Knight:

Major damage dealer in HBM and H2H end game Arena.


Orksbane has the highest HPPDGamers.png in the game so obviously any survivability talent is good. That said, he heals and slows the enemy when he procs which makes Berserk by far the best talent for him.

Santa Boom:

Santa Boom is the biggest damage dealer to many targets in the game. This hero is all about power, therefore War God is the best talent followed by Bulwark. There are no other clear standouts for him.

Spirit Mage:

Powerful damage dealer that is central (with Aries) to most players arena strategy. There are a lot of talents that are good for this guy:

  • War God gives the most powerful and most consistent boost.
  • Bulwark is a mini War God.
  • Berserk is very good for Spirit Mage due to no cool-down.
  • Revitalize 4/5+ is exceptional because it allows you to proc for the second time much faster in battle.

Pixies only standout is her ability to stop the enemies Aries from procing first in the Arena. When doing H2H Sprint is the best talent.

Minotaur Chieftain:

Minotaur Chieftain is a tank with high HPPDGamers.png who can deal a decent amount of damage to many targets at once. Central to his strength is the fact that his proc stuns and reduces enemy energy, this makes Revitalize the best talent for him for the Arena and Lost Realm. War God and Bulwark are both exceptional talents for all game modes other than the Arena.


Moltanica is a sensational all round hero. Has high HPPDGamers.png and does serious damage with his skill. This means Bulwark is tailor made for him. Life Drain is also sensational on this beast because of how hard he is to kill, especially with the de-buff element of his skill. He is about as good a damage dealer as he is a tank so War God and survivability talents are pretty comparable in power.


Siren is a  damage dealer that enhances the damage output of your whole team. Best talents for her are:

Revitalize 5/5: Receive the benefit of her enemy de-buff right away.

Berserk 3+/5: Best value for her 5/5 Slow Down.

War God: Not amazing but she is a damage dealer.


There are quite a few talents that are good on Destroyer because he has very good all round stats. The best feature of him is his survivability, which is due to the synergy of Life Drain, High HPPDGamers.png and the damage reflection from his skill. As a result the best Talent/Crest combinations are the ones that get the best value out of these features.

  • Bulwark: Additional HPPDGamers.png for Life Drain, Attack boost for his skill. Great all round talent and goes quite good with Tenacity Crests which are easy to acquire, This is his best choice.
  • Berserk 4+/5: Goes well with Life Drain and gets you to your first proc faster but doesn’t do as much as Bulwark. Any lower Berserk won’t change his initial attack speed. Check out the Advanced Strategy: Attack Speed calculation page for more details.
  • Revitalize 5/5: Always good on most heroes. proc right away to make your survivability better.
  • Revive 4+/5: Another useful talent but not as good as the 3 above.
  • Tenacity: If you don’t have gems to roll for a great talent on him, Tenacity goes quite well.

The best talent for Warlock is 5/5 Revitalize. This is so he can counter opposing Aries’ in Arena and Lost Realm. If you use him for other formats and/or do not have a 5/5 Revitalize or the desire to roll gems for one for him; than use Stone Skin or Revive so you can get the most out of him.

Harpy Queen:

The general consensus amoung top players who are using Harpy Queen is that War God is her best talent. This is because she procs very often meaning you get lots of value out of the buff. Sprint is also very good for the Arena and Scatter can be good for Lost battlefield although generally less good than War God.


War God and Bulwark make the most of his proc however no talent seems to be a super standout for this hero.

Skull Knight

Life Drain is the best talent at high levels, it makes this guy nigh un-killable. Revitalize 5 is also sensational because it activates his proc right away, making him much harder to kill. Both in Talent/Crest combo is the best.


Revive is really good on him, it allows him to take aggro from a strong hero, die and come back un-targeted to revive the rest of your team. Otherwise, other defensive talents to prolong his life are good, Stone skin being the best of them.

Dread Drake:

As he procs at the same rate as Harpy, War God is his best talent at high skill levels. Bulwark is also very good beause of his insane amount of HP. Some players use Sprint but you need to be careful that he isn’t so fast that he runs ahead of everyone else in the arena and get’s himself killed.

Candy Kane:

Revite 5 is critical for this hero, her only value is as Aries support.


Revite 5 is the best talent by a mile for her, Revite 4/5 is also very good. No other talent stands out.

Phantom King

Corrode is the best talent given the game modes where you use him it is for additional energy reduction to supplement Aries. Defensive talents also synergise well with his dodge ability.

Talent Priority order:

This is a rough guide of where you should be planning to put powerful talents if you roll them. It is very rough and you can tailor your selections towards what you’re trying to advance at. Something to consider is your likely future decisions. For example you just bought some GemsGem.png and are rolling for talents. You roll a strong but not incredible talent like Berserk 3/5, where should it go? Whilst Berserk is best on Pumpkin Duke he is going to be the recipient of the first 5/5 Berserk you roll so if you put the 3/5 on him you may end up wasting it. It would be far better to put this talent on your Druid or your Orksbane because it is likely to remain there for some time. This is especially true with assigning any talent to Aries (and to a lesser extent Cupid) because there is one stand out talent that he will receive immediately if you roll it, so there is a good chance you will waste talents you put on him. Obviously it is also worth considering the current talents; you might prefer to put the talent on a slightly less good hero because the better hero already has a good talent, you may wish to replace the talent on the hero with a bad talent.

  • Revitalize 5/5: Aries first, then Warlock, Valentina then Cupid. After that you can put it on Moltanica if you have him and don’t have a great talent or you might put it on a Pumpkin Duke or Minotaur Chieftain for the Arena (tough decision if you have Berserk on your PD already), some players use it on Santa to slowdown at the start of battle. There should be no exceptions to this order.
  • Revitalize 4/5: A lot worse than 5/5. Still very good on Valentina, Minotaur Chieftain and Cupid, not overly useful on Aries. Can go on Spirit Mage/Santa also but I prefer attack talents for them.
  • Berserk: Pumpkin Duke, then Destroyer, Orksbane or Druid depending on their talents and how much you are using them. Low Berserks might be useful on Champion for your Boss 3 fights.
  • War God: Santa Boom, Dread Drake or Vlad Dracula. If you have all of them than Santa first because the others get so much more out of Bulwark than Santa. After these 3 you want War God on Spirit Mage. Beyond that Death Knight and Minotaur are the best targets.
  • Bulwark: Destroyer and Moltanica first, Vlad Dracula or Death Knight next. This talent is ok on Spirit Mage, Santa and Minotaur.
  • Life Drain 3/5+: Skull Knight or Moltanica. The talent is also good on Death Knight but he is alot weaker than Skull Knight and Moltanica. Not a bad talent for Druid, Vlad Dracula or Orksbane either.
  • Tenacity: If you use Atlanticore or Paladin it is good on them. It is ok but not amazing on most other heroes.
  • Stone Skin: Do not put it on Paladin.
  • Revive: Atlanticore first, Treantaur second. Beyond that it is good but not a standout on any other hero, so, unless you specifically need it for something just put in on the important hero with the weakest talent.
  • Sprint 4+/5: Pixie if you use her for Arena, Harpy Queen otherwise.