Advanced Strategy: High level Arena play

Successful high level Arena play has quite a few aspects to it. Unfortunately recent updates have made high level arena unbeatable for players who have not spent exorbitant sums on the game. Finding an Arena oriented Guild is extremely beneficial because being allied with other top Arena players lets you work together to benefit each other at the expense of those who are not affiliated. There are two strategies for top end Arena play and both have significant and sometimes overlapping requirements but the crux of all end game Arena play is Aries. To reach the top 100 of the Arena on any platform you will need high level, double evolved heroes with high skill levels, high inscriptions and choice talents. You’ll also need to have all your artifacts upgraded.

Typically whichever Aries procs first wins. In a battle of 2 Aries with 5/5 Revitalize the one who procs first is the one who runs to the enemy first (hence Sprint Crests). If they are the same speed the one that procs first should be the one with the higher priority, the one who has the lowest initial placement (of your 6 heroes). You can counter an opponents Aries Head to Head by either:

  • Using  Warlock/Harpy Queen with 5/5 Revite and a strong team of heroes (You will win if the Warlock/Harpy procs on your opponents Aries).
  • Pixie with Sprint at the front with Aries: If their Aries is to proc slightly faster than yours the Pixie will delay it with her Scatter so yours can proc first. This will give you a strong advantage.
  • Use a Skull Knight with sprint and Deadly strike on an open lane to try to kill the crystal before their Aries procs.
  • Candy Kane with Revitalize 5 can sap the energy from enemy heroes, acting as a mini Aries.
  • Dread Drake greatly slows down the enemy progress to your crystal as he immediately stuns the whole enemy team. Having a fast moving drake on an open lane means he will often get to the end and proc again before your enemy Aries get’s to proc.
Open lane:

Open lane is your default team, this is because vs a random opponent you will be open lane 2/3 of the time and Head to Head (H2H) 1/3 of the time. Open lane is the same in end game as it is in mid game. You are trying to kill their heroes from a distance before they kill yours. Minimum Requirements:

  • All double evolved heroes with inscriptions above 80, 100 for key damage dealers.
  • Aries at least 8/10 5/5 Revitalize with at least 4/5 Sprint from Crests blessed with a level 5 Lightning Rock.
  • Pumpkin Duke at least 9/10 with either Revitalize or Berserk and Sprint Crests. Use Blitz Scroll on PD.
  • Cupid 9/10.
  • Dread Drake 10/10 with level 5 Lightning Rock and Sprint.
  • Candy Kane 7/10 with Revitalize 5/5
  • Additional Sprint Crests available for your heroes as well as enough damage output capability from levels, Inscriptions and Talents to kill your enemy before they kill you. If you don’t have enough Sprint Crests for everyone you can use Bulwark, War God or high Attack boosting Crests on Santa Boom or another high damage hero.

The higher your skill levels the better you’ll fair. The final team is adjustable, some people use Moltanica because he is a good balance between damage dealing capability and HPPDGamers.png boost to the shrine. You can also use Minotaur Chieftain, Druid or Santa boom. Some players do not even use PD opting for an all-out offensive team such as:

Dread Drake, Aries, Candy Kane, Santa Boom, Vlad Dracula, Warlock (Revite 5/5) / Skull Knight (With Deadly Strike).



Head to Head (H2H):

Head to head is the way you beat players who have a better open lane team than you. You find out what lane they are on, then fight them head to head making hero and Crest selections that are slightly better at H2H than the standard open lane choices. Vlad Dracula, Immortep and Thunder God excel at H2H due to the stunning effect of their procs. you can also use Flame Guard Crests vs teams without a healer to kill the enemies high damage dealing heroes.

The defining heroes for Head to Head, as explained above, are: Dread Drake, Warlock (5/5 Revite), Candy Kane and Aries (5/5 Revite).


The only big difference nowadays with Head to Head compared to Open lane is that Vlad Dracula and Ghoulem are both very solid heroes. You still need Dread Drake to stun the opponents or remove the shields from Warlock, you still need Warlock to stop your whole team being stunned right away and you need Revitalize 5/5 Candy Kane to Augment your Aries.