Heroes in castle clash have many different attributes that affect their performance in battle. These attributes can be seen by selecting the hero in the heroes altar.

atts 1

In the photo above, the 4 numbers in the bottom left hand corner refer to 4 attributes.

  • The sword refers to ‘Attack’. This is the amount of damage (before multipliers) that the hero does with their attack.
  • The sword with the blue lines trailing it, it’s a swinging sword, refers to attack speed in milliseconds. Attack speed rounds up to the nearest 200ms for speeds under 1200ms and to 1500ms or 2000ms for heroes slower than 1200 but faster than 2000. Check out the attack speed calculation page in the advanced strategy section for more info.
  • The heart refers to the hero’s life total, HP. This number, again, is gross; meaning that this number is added to by boosts from Inscriptions and crests and this new sum is multiplied to factor in boosts from Crests or Talents.
  • The shoe refers to the hero’s movement speed. This increases with star level and some heroes have inherently faster movement speeds than others.

If the little image of a portrait of a person just above these numbers is pressed it flicks to this page:


In addition to the 4 previously stated attributes, this page lists 5 more:

  • Accuracy (ACC). This is your chance to hit your opponent. It is factored in against your opponents dodge rating to calculate the chance they can dodge your attack. Accuracy is increased as your level increases and as you evolve. The accuracy is applied by calculating your hit rate: 1 + (ACC/10,000) x (100%+ Artifact boost). Your hit rate is applied against an opposing hero’s dodge rating to finalise the chance to hit them: For example if your opponents dodge rating is 20 and your hit rate is 10, their chance to dodge is 10%: (20-10).
  • Dodge. This is your chance to dodge an incoming attack. It factors against the attackers accuracy to calculate the odds of a successful dodge. Dodge is granted by items and skills. Dodge is a chance to avoid any incoming attack or affect EXCEPT: Deflected damage, conditions from talents (Corrode, Condemnation, Heaven’s Wrath), Traps, Towers, Spells and energy reduction from Scatter.
  • Critical strike chance (CRIT). This is the chance to deal a critical strike. Obtained from items.
  • Critical strike damage (CRIT DMG). This is the level of additional damage done with a critical strike. Obtained from items.
  • Resistance to critical strikes (CRIT RESIST) is your chance to avoid an opponents critical strike. It is calculated just like Dodge vs Accuracy. If Crit chance = 30% and Crit Resist = 10% than chance of Crit strike = 20%.