Boss Fights


This is the description of Boss fights page, if you are looking for strategy then please read the Advanced Strategy: Boss Fights page.

Boss Fights are a daily activity for Guilds to participate in to earn HBHB.png rewards, the amount earned is based on which boss you fight and how much damage you do. What bosses you Guild can challenge is based on the Guild Level.

Boss Fight Basic Info:

Boss Fight Basic Info:

Boss fights are a daily activity that can be undertaken by your Guild. A leader will have to commence the boss fight and it can be undertaken at any time of the day. Once a boss fight starts anyone in your Guild can enter and your Guild will collectively have 30 minutes to defeat him. When a Boss Fight is going on you will see a note on top or your Guild hall:




To find the boss fight you need to click on the Guild Hall and the ‘Event’ tab. This opens up the event page:




Select ‘Challenge a Boss’ and press the ‘Enter’ tab:



On this page there is a list of players in your Guild and how much damage they have done on the left (this is a one account guild). The time remaining to complete the boss fight is on the right. In the center you can see the bosses HPPDGamers.png, currently full at 24 million and a tab that says ‘Challenge’. The challenge tab takes you into the battle screen where you fight the boss:



This works just like a regular battle, you drop your heroes where you want and in the order you want. You also have 2 spells available to you: Guardian Angel and Ares’ Fervor. Once you drop a hero or a spell the battle timer commences and you have 3 minutes to complete this battle. You can challenge the boss as many times as you like within the 30 minute period but there is a 15 second cool down period after you leave the battle screen before you can enter again, you can skip the timer by paying Guild Credits and the cost varies depending on what boss you are fighting.

Each competitor’s damage counts in total. Meaning if you are in battle with the boss and he is killed by your guild mates before you are finished you will still be able to complete your battle and all the damage you deal is counted for your rewards.

Boss Fight details:



The Guild leaders need to activate the Boss fight at a cost of Guild Credits.

 Boss 1Boss2Boss3
Cost in Guild Credits50300600
Guild Level required135
Attack Damage6000600012000
Skill Damage10000+10000+15000+
Skill AffectDeals damage to enemies in an Arc (can only hit enemies in front)Damage all enemies surrounding him (similar range to Succubus)Damages 5 enemies around him and stuns them for 1.5s
Attack Speed1000ms1000ms1500ms
Immediate Re-enter cost5 credits10 credits15 credits
Participation Reward (5x Reward if boss is defeated)85(425)HB.png
HB.png Reward per 1% of bosses HPPDGamers.png
dealt in damage (3x reward if you defeat the boss)
Maximum Reward for 30% of max HPPDGamers.png dealt as damage1050(3150)HB.png2100(6300)HB.png4200(12600)HB.png