There are various types of buildings in Castle Clash. They either can not be upgraded ( Warehouse, Training center, Arena), are upgraded with ManaMana.png¬†(Gold Vault, Gold Mine, Guild Hall, Hero Base) or are upgraded with GoldGold.png¬†(Everything else). The time it takes to build each level as well as the cost and the Might provided increase with each subsequent level.¬†Buildings can be ‘Rushed‘ by spending GemsGem.png. You can also cancel an upgrade in progress by clicking the ‘Cancel’ icon:


The building menu can be found on the bottom right hand screen of your screen:


The types of buildings available in castle Clash each have their own pages and are also sorted into categories:




Town Hall:






Attack Buildings:

Heroes_altar_1 Hero_base_1 Relic_hall_1 Training_center_1 80 Arena_1 Army_camp_1


Defense Buildings:

Bomb_trap_1 Hero_trap_1 Cannon_Tower_1 magic tower Arrow_Tower_1



Resource Buildings:

Gold_Vault Gold_Mine Mana_Vault Mana_Mill





Rocking_snow_man New_christmas_tree Tombstone_0 Deco-FlowerII FLAG_7 Deco-6 Deco-A Decorative_Centaur_Chieftain Decorative_Ninja Decorative_Thunder_God Decorative_Frost_Witch