December 2nd 2015 Update 1.2.78

December 2nd 2015 Update 1.2.78

1. Added a new Artifact feature. (Accessible from the Relic Hall)

Only evolved heroes can make use of artifacts, they are upgraded by having achieved things within the game and are upgraded using merits

2. Added new Hero attributes. (Accuracy, Dodge, Critical Hit, Critical Damage, and Critical Resist)

All heroes have accuracy which is dependent upon their level

3. Added new difficulties for Here Be Monsters.

Challenge 3 now available. Challenge must be complete

4. Added new Quests related to Insane Dungeons and the Arena.

5. Added New Hero: Candy Kane

Deals dmg to 2/3 random enemies, reduces their energy.

Increases Dodge for 1/2 allies 1/3 seconds

has lvl 8 scorch

Cooldown 5 seconds

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