Dungeons are a form of battle against non human opponents. There are 3 types of dungeon ( Ordinary, Elite and Insane) each with 8 sets of dungeons. The difficulty of the elite dungeons is much higher than that of the ordinary ones, and as the name suggests, Insane dungeons are insanely difficult. You can have up to 5 entries available for dungeons at any given time and it takes 20 minutes to generate a new entry after using one, if you run out of entries you can immediately replenish them by using a Dungeon Refresh Card (purchasable with MeritsMerit.png from the Warehouse) or you can instantly refresh by paying 100 gemsGem.png. Dungeons have small amounts of ManaMana.png, GoldGold.png and Honor BadgesHB.png available as loot and are a very good source of ShardsShard.png. Your heroes also gain experience from dungeons. The Shard drop rate is estimated to be:

  • 15 % for completing a dungeon less than 100%.
  • 30% for completing a dungeon 100%.

Over a reasonable sample size the only factor that clearly affected the drop rate of ShardsShard.png is whether or not you complete the dungeon 100%. There isn’t yet a decent enough sample size of recorded results for the elite dungeons to know whether or not they have a similar drop rate. You can enter dungeons by selecting the battle icon at the bottom left hand corner of your home screen then selecting the blue Icon:


This opens up the Dungeon page:

dungeons2 dungeons3elite

  • The number on the top left tells you how many entries you currently have, if you have less than 5 there will also be a timer next to it telling you when your next entry is regenerated.
  • The 2 different dungeon types can be toggled between at the top; Ordinary and Elite. You must complete a set of normal dungeons before you can access the corresponding Elite ones.
  • You can scroll left and right to look at each of the 8 dungeon sets available and your current completion rate in them(15/15 in Dungeon 8 for example).
  • Your overall completion rate is at the top of the tab 130/130 for normal.
  • The number of FiresFires.png on the right hand side under the X is your tally of flames for your completed dungeons( 3 FiresFires.png= 100% complete) and is relevant to unlock certain star upgrades of heroes.

After selecting a set of dungeons it opens the corresponding page:


You can select a dungeon to see what rewards if offers and the attack button can be used to enter it.

Shard Farming:

Most players tend to repeatedly attack the dungeon with the highest shardShard.png reward that they can consistently beat. The 37 and 40 shardShard.png dungeons are known to be especially easy considering how many shardsShard.png they offer. Your goal should be to farm these dungeons as soon as possible.


37 ShardShard.png Dungeon:

Required heroes: Legendary heroes with Druid and at least one of the following: Spirit Mage/Aries/Grizzly Reaper/Santa boom at 5/9 skill at level 120 without magic, can be done with magic around lvl 100. Best heroes: Spirit Mage, Aries, Reaper, Minotaur Chieftain, Santa Boom. This is in dungeon 8 ( D8) of the ordinary dungeons and is special because all of the enemy heroes are at one end. You just drop your heroes at the top and the enemy heroes should be long dead by the time your heroes get to them.

40 ShardShard.png Dungeon:

Required heroes: The same as the 37 shardShard.png dungeon. Best heroes: Spirit Mage, Aries, Grizzly Reaper, Minotaur Chieftain, Santa Boom, Pumpkin Duke. This is the second last dungeon in D8 of the ordinary dungeons and is very similar to the 37 shardShard.png dungeon except it is a little more difficult and your drop spot is next to the Paladin:


If you have Pumpkin Duke, Minotaur Chieftain(Mino) and the spell Ares’ Frenzy then you can do this dungeon in under 10 seconds by dropping Pumpkin Duke first onto an Ares’ Frenzy, the order of the rest doesn’t matter. This will cause Pumpkin Duke to be attacked by all of the towers, troops and the Paladin there and cause him to Proc several times very quickly, by the time Mino procs he is loaded with attack buffs from the Pumpkin Duke skill and he nukes the base. In the photo below you’ll see this 2 seconds into the battle with Mino about to proc, once Spirit mage procs behind him to clean up the rest it is over: