Enter leads you to the Arena main page: arenapage Here you can see:

  • Video tabs for the last 3 times you were attacked in the middle.
  • Your number of available battle chances(Max 5) and the amount of time until your next one if you are not full. Chances take 30 minutes to generate.
  • On the right hand side you have your total number of HB.png(154204 in the pic), the amount of time until your next arena award( 2m28s in the pic), your next Arena award based on your current rank ( 100 in pic) and your rank (915 in pic). Awards happen hourly and are based on your rank at the second they change over; There is a table with the award rates further down the page.
  • Along the bottom of the page there are 5 available opponents with higher rankings than yours, each has an avatar representing their highest level hero and their current rank. 

You can click on one of the available opponents and press the ‘Challenge’ icon to attack them, this uses up one chance and if you’re successful you will switch rank with them and gain 40HB.png . If you lose nothing changes and you are awarded 6HB.png. Challenging someone opens up this screen:


This is Identical to the Arena defense screen except that you are on the left hand side and you have 20 seconds to set your team of up to 6 heroes before the battle starts.