Events are a feature used to promote the game internally. Most events are based around inducing the purchase of GemsGem.png but there are a few free events too.

There are 2 different event pages. The Event Carnival page opens when you first log in. You can also navigate to this page in game by clicking on the present icon on the top left hand side of your screen:



Then click ‘Go’ on the top option, More Events:


Event Carnival Page:

event page

You can click on an event to have its information displayed on the right. The ‘Go to page’ button takes you to each events’ specific page.

The Event Carnival page does not always display all current events. To see all events click on ‘more events to the left(as in the picture above) and use the ‘Go to page’ button. This will take you to the complete event page:

dd 001

Here you can click on events to open up additional information.

There are 5 main types of events:


Daily Events:



Scroll down on the event page to view these. They reset daily at 00:00 server time and if you have one completed then the preset icon on the home page will have a number informing you about it.

The Steal Mana/Gold event requirement changes based on your Might.


Free Events:

IGG sometimes hosts free events. Mostly they are the ‘Sign in to win prizes’ event in which you get a free chance to open a chest with an undisclosed chance to receive a Moltanica hero. The odds are estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands to one.

Gem Purchase Bonus Events:

There are many regular events aimed at promoting the purchase of GemsGem.png. These events vary in scope across different servers and often multiple are running concurrently. On Android and IOS, the main 2 platforms there is a 20% or 25% bonus for gem purchases every other day.


Smash Events:

These are called Smash Events because the original one was called Egg Smash and was run as an Easter promotion but they take on a variety of forms. Essentially they are an event where for every X GemsGem.png  bought(Normally 1400) you get a chance at a random prize from a preset list. For example; for every 1400 GemsGem.png bought you are given a chance to smash 1 of 3 eggs in the egg smash. The prize list is generally about 10 items with their own individual probabilities and the number of items(eggs) to choose between is irrelevant. You do not get to see what was inside the ones you do not pick and there is no data to suggest any particular one of the options has better results. There IS data however reflecting the relative probability of specific prizes in each event, some players are quite diligent in recording it. Heroes that are available tend to be won roughly 5% of the time with the exception of Moltanica which has between 0.25 and 1% of being won. These events are an exceptional booster to the probability of getting a specific hero as opposed to just rolling bought GemsGem.png and I would never buy GemsGem.png without one of these events active. For more information of efficient GemGem.png purchasing please read the Advanced Strategy: P2P Account Power-gaming Guide.


Spend Gem Events:

These events are also aimed at promoting the purchase of GemsGem.png but don’t require you to purchase to receive benefit. Ultimately they are the same as Smash Events except that your chances are generated by the expenditure of GemsGem.png not the purchase of them. These events are common and using them in conjunction with Smash Events( Buy during Smash, roll during Spend event) they can greatly increase your chances of getting a specific hero.