Evolution is a way to upgrade your heroes once they reach 10 star. Once a hero is 10 star the evolve button appears where the upgrade button normally is when they reach a level cap. To evolve a hero you need:

  • Evolution rune: cost’s 1000 fame from lost Battlefield.
  • 1000 Red Crystals.
  • A duplicate hero or hero card, OR 20,000 Shards!

A few things that are important to know about evolution:

  • When you evolve a hero, it becomes 4 star (level cap 80) and level 1. This is important because you need to have enough books to re-level your hero to a reasonable level: An evolved hero normally has the same HP as a 180 not evolved version at around level 110 and the same attack at around level 145. Don’t forget that for some heroes you will want them to go strait back to 10 stars for their running speed which will require quite a lot of resources.
  • You get Experience refunds for extra experience exceeding level 180. This is very useful; you can wait to high 180’s, evolve your heroes and bring them back to a very high level. Don’t forget to claim the books from your mailbox!

As a general rule, if you still roll gems for heroes it is probably best to not use 20,000 shards to evolve heroes and instead wait to roll a duplicate if you don’t have one. This is especially true for reasonably common legendaries like Druid, PD or Cupid.

Any hero that you have Sprint on and especially Aries should be evolved only when you have enough material to take them back to 10 stars, otherwise the drop in run speed can be quite significant for the hero in most game modes. Evolved heroes have a green background to the star denoting their star level in the heroes altar and have alternate art.

When your evolved hero is level 185 or higher you can undertake the second evolution. This puts you back to level 1 again and 5-star (level 100 before needing to uncap), again with improved statistics. As with Evo 1 you receive EXP books as a refund on excess experience. Double evolved heroes can be seen in the heroes altar with a blue background to their star. The second evolution costs 3 duplicate heroes/cards, 5000 red Crystals and 5 Evolution runes (1000 Fame each).

Evolved heroes have different art and a glowing gold circle under them. Heroes that have been evolved twice has a larger glowing circle and different art again.