Gem Store and Functions of Gems

GemsGem.png are an in-game resource and the most valuable one. Gems can be bought for money and can be used for a variety of functions in game. They are also generated for free and are essential for many purposes.

Gem Store:

The Gem store can be accessed by going to the shop menu:


Then selecting the Treasure option.


Depending on the version you are playing you will have options to purchase Gems using a secure method.   Your total amount of gems can be seen under the server time on the top right hand corner of your screen:


Functions of gems:

Gems can be used to accelerate almost everything in this game and the efficient expenditure of them, whether bought or accrued for free, is necessary for all end game play.


Rolling for heroes:

This is the hiring of heroes in the heroes altar by spending 150Gem.png. To do this you can enter the heroes altar and click on the ‘Hire with gems’ button.


For your 150Gem.png you have a 5% chance of receiving a legendary hero, 60% chance to receive an elite hero, 10% chance to receive an ordinary hero and a 25% chance to receive a sacrifice hero, the odds are the same whether regardless of whether you hire 1 at a time or 3 at a time. In addition to the legends that you can hire with ShardsShard.png there are several other heroes that can not be obtained except through buying gems in events or hiring them using this function. They include most of the most powerful heroes in the game and are:


Refreshing Talents:

Heroes can be greatly benefited by powerful talents. They come with a random talent but you can change the talents on them for more preferred ones. The way you generate new talent options is by refreshing talents in the heroes altar. To do so you enter your heroes altar and select a hero:


On this screen you select the ‘Change’ icon. This bring up this screen:

Talent 2

On this page you can see your current talent and the current talent you have available to imbue on a hero which is seen under’Replace’. This talent can be placed on any hero you own at the cost of the talent that is currently on that hero. You can also use 300Gem.png to re-roll your replaceable talent, this will delete the current talent on the clipboard so ensure you use any talents that you want to use before you re-roll for the next one. Instead of 300Gem.png you can also use the Talent refresh card that is purchasable from the warehouse for MeritsMerit.png.

Adding workers:

You can have up to 5 workers. You begin the game with 2 workers so you have 250% building capacity once all are unlocked.

  • The first additional worker costs 500Gem.png.
  • The second additional worker costs 1000Gem.png.
  • The third additional worker costs 2000Gem.png.

To hire additional workers you can do so by using the plus icon next to the picture of the worker on the top right hand side of the screen, it will prompt you to confirm that you want to complete the transaction:



You can pay gems to immediately finish any project a worker is currently working on. The cost is based on the amount of time left. To do so you just click on the building and click finish now, it will prompt you for confirmation and tell you the cost:


You can complete any timed action in this game the same way:

  • Training troops.
  • Researching troops or magic.



In the treasure tab where the gem store is found you can scroll further right to see a range of uses for gems. You can buy 1000 Honor BadgesHB.png a day for 50Gem.png. You can also add ManaMana.png and GoldGold.png at any time at a cost of GemsGem.png.


Resource Boost:

In addition to being able to buy GoldGold.png and ManaMana.png you can also use gems to buy ManaMana.png or GoldGold.png that you do not have capacity for. Example: In the picture below we have capacity for 370,000Mana.png and have selected a level 11 Gold Vault to build which costs 380,000Mana.png.


We click the ‘level up’ icon:


We can buy the 10,000Mana.png that we don’t have space to store for 8Gem.png. You do not need to be full to do this, the same transaction could have been completed if we had   350,000Mana.png except it would have cost 24Gem.png instead.


In the Lost Realm you can refresh your stamina up to 7 times per day. To do so you click on the plus symbol next to your stamina count:


Stamina refresh2

  • The first time it costs 50Gem.png.
  • The second to fourth times costs 100Gem.png.
  • The fifth to seventh time costs 200Gem.png.


Auto-refresh Dungeon Chances:

You can refresh dungeon chances unlimited times per day at the cost of 100Gem.png per refresh. There are 2 ways to refresh your dungeons: If you have used all of your available chances then next to the 0 on the dungeons home page will be a plus button:


If pressed it will prompt you for confirmation of the transaction:


The other way is simply by trying to enter a dungeon with no remaining chances, it will bring up the confirmation screen as well.

Refresh Warehouse MeritMerit.png Store:

You can refresh the Warehouse MeritMerit.png store up to 10 times per day by going to it inside your Warehouse(Link):


Press the re-roll button:


The first refresh costs 100Gem.png, subsequent refreshes cost 300Gem.png.

Buy Shields:

You can purchase shields to protect you from attack although I advise against this, it is far more economic to just make your base easy to destroy then raid the lost resources back when you are next online. To purchase shields you simply press the plus icon next to your shield timer on your home screen:


This opens the menu where you can select the length of protection you want: