Below is a long, detailed list of all abbreviations used on the site AND by the general Castle-Clash playing populace. I’ll try to sort it into sections, if you’re looking for a specific one just use Control+F.


Proc= Activate skill.

DPS= Damage per Second: Often broken down into Single target DPS or Multi target DPS




PD=  Pumpkin Duke

TG= Thunder God

Exe= Executioner

OB= Orksbane

Mino= Minotaur Chieftain

Immo= Immortep

GR= Grizzly Reaper

AC= Atlanticore

SZ= Snowzilla

SQ= Serpent Queen

SM= Spirit mage

Molt= Moltanica

VD= Vlad Dracula

SB= Santa Boom

DK= Death Knight

TR= Treantaur

SK= Skull Knight

HQ= Harpy Queen

WL= Warlock


Game Features:

HT= Hero Trial

HE= Hero Expedition

LR= Lost Realm

HBM= Here be Monsters

TB= Torch Battle

D= Dungeon as in D8-2 is the second dungeon in the 8th set

SD= Slow Down Talent

LD= Life Drain Talent

Revit= Revitalize Talent

Zerk= Berserk Talent

WG= War God Talent or Wretched Gorge (team hbm)

FG= Flame Guard Talent

HBD= Lost Realm boss, commonly known as Here be Demon.

LB= Lost battlefield

LI= Lava Isle ( Team dungeons 5-8)




TH= Town hall

RH= Relic hall

WH= Warehouse

HB= Honor badges OR Heavy Blow.