Here be Monsters


Here be Monsters is the primary game mode for the generation of experience and ShardsShard.png. There are lettered tiers ranging from A-T split into 2 groups: A-J and K-T. Each level consists of 5 stages where you must defeat waves of enemies, the final stage always contains the boss of the level. As of January 2016 there is a third stage of HBM AA through to AJ. These are especially hard Here be monster levels that require extremely well developed heroes and a good variety of accessible crests (especially Scatter).

HBM can be played by clicking on the portal at the top of your screen to the left of the Quest Board and then selecting the option with the picture of the dinosaur:



This opens the HBM page:



There is a leader board for the highest level on the left hand side. The rank tab lets you view the leader boards for each particular tier.

Clallenge I and II are the 2 respective groups.

The 2 groups are extremely different but there are a few HBM general principles that apply to hero selection for both:

  • Area of Effect (AOE) heroes like Immortep and Thunder God are exceptional.
  • Multi-Target heroes like Spirit Mage and Grizzly reaper are exceptional.
  • Healers are strong: Orksbane, Druid.
  • Passive buff heroes like Pumpkin Duke and Cupid perform well.
  • Ranged heroes are strong and depending on base setups can be required.
  • Damage based heroes outperform defensive ones.
  • Legends always outperform non legends.
  • Cool downs are less significant because the gap between waves covers most of the time.



Challenge I: Tiers A-J:


Each wave has 1 group of enemies that spawn on a random location.

Tier Hero Type Hero Level ShardsShard.png Boss
A Ordinary 5-21 10Shard.png Dinosaur
B Ordinary 25-41 15Shard.png Dinosaur
C Elite 45-61 20Shard.png Dinosaur
D Elite 65-81 25Shard.png Dinosaur
E Elite 85-101 30Shard.png Dinosaur
F Legend 105-121 35Shard.png Dinosaur
G Legend 125-141 40Shard.png Dinosaur
H Legend 145-159 45Shard.png Dinosaur
I Legend 161-169 50Shard.png Dinosaur
J Legend 171-179 55Shard.png Dinosaur

Challenge II: Tiers K-T:

Each wave consists of 2 groups of enemies spawning at random locations. The groups are much larger than those in challenge one and one of the group consists of mainly elite heroes. AOE heroes become especially more useful for Challenge II. Also the frequency of experience rewards has dropped for Challenge II and O-R have a Centaur Chieftain as the boss (comparable to the boss from boss battles). S has both the dinosaur and Centaur boss on S-4 and an oversized Moltanica on S-5.

**IMPORTANT** Current statistics suggest that the probability of receiving experience rewards as opposed to resource rewards is slightly lower for HBM K-T. We have found HBM P to be better for average experience than HBM N ( with the same success rate). Thus we suggest that until you can beat HBM O 100% of the time or P 90%+ of the time it is best to stick with J.


Tier Hero Type Hero Level ShardsShard.png Boss
K Mainly Elite 80-92 45Shard.png Dinosaur
L Mainly Elite 95-107 50Shard.png Dinosaur
M Mainly Elite 110-122 55Shard.png Dinosaur
N Elite and Legend 125-137 60Shard.png Dinosaur
O Elite and Legend 140-152 65Shard.png Centaur
P Mainly Legend 155-167 70Shard.png Centaur
Q Mainly Legend 170-182 75Shard.png Centaur
R Legend 185-197 80Shard.png Dino and Centaur
S Legend 200-212 85Shard.png Dino and Centaur on S-4, XL Moltanica on S5
T Legend 215-227 90Shard.png  XL Moltanica and 2 Centaur bosses on T-4, 2XL Molt’s and 2 Centaur’s on T5


There are too many variables to put a very succinct guide for HBM. The better your heroes are the easier it will be, even if they have low levels. We do have a hero guide with descriptions for each of the legends and the best bases for each Town Hall level as well as a general breakdown of each tier.


Hero Guide:

Paladin 1/10: Low attackPDGamers.png, slow 1500ms attack speed and a skill that doesn’t deal damage make this hero very ill suited for HBM.

Champion 4/10: Decent attackPDGamers.png and a skill that hits 3 enemies but very low HPPDGamers.png. Very decent on the lower levels because his skill stuns the boss. Usable up to H but low HPPDGamers.png makes him a liability from I onward due to Spirit Mage and Thunder God.

Succubus 4/10: This hero is exceptional in HBM O+ because there is no damage cap on the skill making it the highest DPS hero vs the bosses on these tiers. Low attackPDGamers.png and HPPDGamers.png make her quite poor in the earlier stages compared to other legends.

Druid 8.5/10: Exceptional hero for all levels of HBM, the most efficient healer in the game and an attack buffer. Benefits greatly from Inscriptions.

Ninja 4/10: High attackPDGamers.png and fast movement speed make him reasonably useful on the early stages but much like Champion his low HPPDGamers.png is a major liability in the later stages. Good for HBM A-H but should be replaced when he can.

Thunder God 7.5/10: Exceptional AOE hero. A little outclassed by the best tier of heroes for DPS in the later stages but is devastating in most tiers. Performs very well from  A-N.

Atlanticore 1/10: Low attackPDGamers.png and a very slow 2000ms attack speed make this hero very ill suited for HBM.

Grizzly Reaper 7.5/10: Very good HBM hero that benefits greatly from increased skill levels. Flying is a big asset and he can be placed on the critical range only spots for TH17+ deathbox variants. He will serve you very well in HBM A-N and should be replaced afterwards.

Immortep 9/10: Some considered him the HBM king until Vlad Dracula was released. His skill hits multiple targets and has fantastic single target DPS. Good for all tiers of HBM and just annihilates A-H.

Spirit Mage 7.5/10: Very powerful attacker that hit’s multiple targets with his skill. Comparable to Grizzly Reaper. Range and flying make him especially valuable. He will perform exceptionally for HBM A-N.

Minotaur Chieftain 9/10. Mino dominates HBM once he reaches 8 stars and a 7/9 skill level. He 1 shots almost everything on the ground and has very high HPPDGamers.png. Especially valuable in Challenge II where there are a lot more troops that get in the way. Sensational for all levels of HBM.

Pumpkin Duke 9.5/10: Pumpkin Duke is sensational in this game mode as his is in all modes. He has decent damage but is otherwise not too good in the early levels A-F. Once his skill gets to 6/9 he really comes into his own. At 8+/9 the DPS he provides from his attack boost skill is devastating. He is required for HBM Q+.

Cupid 7.5/10: Flying and ranged make this hero very valuable and with a high level skill he is quite powerful. He performs well in all levels of HBM but unless the heroes he is supporting are very powerful he wont truly show his value.

Snowzilla 7/10: Multi target Skill but doesn’t have especially good multi target DPS which means that when you have someone better available you’ll be benching him for HBM A-N. one of the best heroes for HBM O+ because his single target DPS is second only to Succubus and he has the especially valuable slow down affect.

Aries 8/10: Aries is similar to Reaper in his damage capability and is ranged. His skill also turns off your enemies skills making him very powerful in the later stages. Good in all tiers.

Vlad Dracula 10/10: HBM King. Sensational damage output, self healing and no target limit makes this hero the boss for all tiers of HBM. Also is ranged and flying.

Orksbane 8/10: Heals for about 1/3 of druids healing prowess has the highest HPPDGamers.png in the game and a multi target skill. he does however not excel at any particular aspect. He will serve you well on all levels of HBM but with all heroes available you won’t be using him often. He is incredibly dominant however for HBM A-G.

Santa Boom 9.5/10: This guy is Spirit Mage on steroids. Due to how clustered the enemies often are and the AOE nature of his rockets he deals massive multi target damage. He is ranged and has the especially valuable slow down effect for HBM O+. He absolutely dominates HBM at all levels and his main drawback, a long cool down doesn’t even hurt too much.

Moltanica 9.5/10: Flying, Ranged, Slowing and debuffing skill that hits multiple targets and does major damage. This hero is tailor made for all levels of HBM.

Pixie 1/10: Flying, Range but very slow attack speed and mediocre healing capabilities.

Death Knight 9.5/10: Huge multi-target skill, protects your heroes from Boss procs.

Destroyer 10/10: Good damage to a huge number of targets, can tank most HBM bosses, extremely difficult to kill.

Siren 7.5/10: Decent damage and damage enhancement for your team but limited targets and not spectacular stats.

Base Guide:

It is very important to continue to increase the level of your Town hall(TH) so that you have more walls to better build your base to help you advanced through HBM. Most commonly used bases are good because they exploit the AI’s pathing choices: The AI target the closest building then take the fastest route there, even if that route takes them right past your heroes. Every level gives you 10 more walls to work with. What your heroes you have at your disposal is massively relevant also. Players with all the Gem Roll only heroes at their disposal will perform much better than players with standard Legendary teams. The guide below is predominantly for players with more standard teams, an example of a standard team is:

  • Thunder God
  • Druid
  • Ninja/Champion
  • Whatever other 2 legends you have been fortunate enough to get. Reaper+ Cupid for example.

I will also put an expectation for what players with exceptional teams available can expect from each base, exceptional teams would be Inscribed to some degree with basic Crests and consist of powerful, high ranking HBM heroes. An example of an exceptional team would be:

  • Druid
  • Santa Boom
  • Moltanica/ Vlad Dracula
  • Minotaur Chieftain
  • Pumpkin Duke

Generally even 1 of either Moltanica, Santa Boom or Vlad Dracula at 5/9 is enough for you to perform exceptionally.


Things to remember:

  • Bombs are always useful although not often necessary for HBM A-N.
  • Do not have troops in camps unless the guide says so.

Below are the bases that we have found to be the best for each milestone level through hours of play and testing:


Town Hall(TH) 8-12:


Corner bases:

Good for farming up to E depending on heroes and levels. For all of these put all your outside buildings together so they are destroyed by the first wave and don’t cause you losses due to stray troops splitting off and getting stuck hacking away at a building that they can not destroy.

With the TH12 version Exceptional Teams can expect to farm up to H with heroes around 100-120 + Inscriptions. Standard Teams can expect to farm up to F at the same levels.


TH8: Props to CutieJessica for developing the base.

This farms A with Legends around 40, elites at 60.




A-C with any legendary heroes at 80.

Up to E with an exceptional team around level 80:




TH12 doesn’t offer much of an improvement for the corner base but that’s ok because TH13 is the biggest inflection point for HBM and is our goal to reach as soon as possible.

Standard Teams can expect to farm D around level 80.

Exceptional teams can expect to farm up to G at around level 80.

hbmth 12


TH 12:

Early clover:

Farms C and D with heroes around level 80. Exceptional teams can expect to farm E around 80 and G around level 100.


Th 13:

This is the most important TH level because it enables your 4th Tower. This means you can now create symmetrical bases that maximize the value of each of your heroes.



this base farms E with legends around 80 and farms F around 100. Exceptional teams can farm up to H at 100+.

Use 4 arrow towers, not the cannon tower for D+.


hbm13 002

Another take on the Diamond, props to RedBulls76:




This base farms E with heroes around 80 and with stronger heroes is quite a bit better than the diamond, it can farm up to G with heroes over level 100 if they are exceptional.

hbm13 001




By SruPL. Farms G with heroes at 100+. Exceptional teams should be farming H around the same level.





Props to Neoseagull.

Farms G.

  • Arrow Towers: level 8
  • Hero Bases: 15,15,14,14
  • Heroes 100+
  • TH 16 you just makes the entries longer and have more teeth.

Exceptional teams should be farming H at these levels and I with 120+ heroes.



TH 17:


Credit to Leary93.

Farms up to I.

  • Highest HP buildings on the inside of the base.
  • No troops.
  • Ranged heroes ideal for the outside 4 spaces.
  • Heroes 120+

Exceptional teams can expect to Farm J-M with this base and hero levels and N or even O with heroes above 140.



TH 18:

Winged Deathbox:

Farms I with heroes 120+, J at 140+. Exceptional teams will farm J easily at 120 and up to N at 140+.

  • 26 guardians in each camp for I.
  • 40 guardians in each camp for J.
  • Ranged heroes ideal for the outside 4 spaces.

ff 001



 Winged Deathbox:

Farms I with heroes 120+, J at 140+. Exceptional teams will farm J easily at 120 and up to N at 140+.

Can farm O+ with 160+ heroes and inscriptions at 80+.

  • 26 guardians in each camp for I.
  • 40 guardians in each camp for J.
  • No troops needed with heroes at 160 with inscriptions.
  • Ranged heroes ideal for the outside 4 spaces.

( the 10 excess walls are scattered to show the TH 19 version of the base on a TH 20 account)

ff 002



Winged Deathbox:

Farms I with heroes 120+, J at 140+. Exceptional teams will farm J easily at 120 and up to N at 140+.

Can Farm up to R with High level, top tier heroes with high inscriptions but it is not the best base for O+.

  • Highest Hp buildings in the centre
  • 26 guardians in each camp for I.
  • 40 guardians in each camp for J.
  • No troops needed for any tier if you have 160+ heroes with inscriptions.
  • Bombs needed for O+
  • Ranged heroes ideal for the outside 4 spaces.




HBM II Destroyer:



This is the best base for Farming up to O-Q and potentially for R also. The key to this base is that there is space next to your Hero Bases for your Hero Bombs. This means that you can rely on them to kill the boss for you in case your heroes can’t, as long as your heroes can kill the enemy heroes so that they don’t get inside to set the bombs off. The long inside wall also paths the enemy heroes right into your guys and is what makes this different from the Deathboxes of old.

Standard teams can farm P with this base with the right hero setup. You will need a bit of power but by the time you have heroes around 160 you will have some. A standard team that could farm P with this base could look like:

  • Reaper
  • Druid
  • Cupid
  • Aries
  • Immortep
  • Thunder God

Ideally you want 4 ranged heroes for the corner Hero Bases because they are often targeted by the enemies and you don’t want the target running into the enemy.

Exceptional teams can expect to farm Q with this base. Currently no one has reported farming R with 90%+ success.

This base can beat S and is one of the 2 HBM II bases that is having success.

The other one is:


Corner Base TH20:




This base is often used because it makes the enemy ground heroes run the furthest to get to the buildings that they target. The main point of this is to spread them out as the fastest heroes run ahead and the slower ones fall behind. This causes 2 critical things for R and S to happen:

  • Atlanticore get’s separated from the pack and is easy to kill, alone, when he shows up.
  • The Boss gets separated from the pack and is easier to kill , alone, when he shows up.

Bombs go on the inside of the base.

Tier Specific Knowledge:


These levels are very similar except that the heroes become progressively stronger. There are no flying units except Angel which make the Cannon Tower(link) very effective. A 5 legendary team of any kind should be easily farming C with heroes around 60 and a Town Hall at 11.

If you’re having trouble try placing your bombs in the common pathways for your enemies.

  • Hero bases 4
  • Try to get your towers to level 10 so you can turn them into level 1 specialized towers



On D Griffins are introduced for the first time and most of the enemy heroes are elites. It is a reasonably big jump from C to D if you do not have legends. The cannon tower has outlived its usefulness and needs to be replaced by the arrow tower, the arrow tower is best because it has the highest HP and your towers will be getting attacked directly by Griffins who fly over your walls. E is quite similar to D and it shouldn’t take much to make the jump.  With Thunder God, Paladin, Druid and whatever good Legendary you roll at the start you should be farming E pretty easily around Town Hall 13. See the Advanced Strategy: New account power guide page for details.

  • Hero Bases 8+
  • Towers 4+ ( higher towers are especially good)



E to F should, in theory, be a large jump but the experience gained from E quickly grows your heroes to 100 and closes the gap. F and G are very similar and you probably wont spend much time at F. The aim is to be at Town Hall 14 so you can build the 40:1. this base, designed by SruPl is a HUGE step up from any of the Town hall 13 bases. With Legendary heroes over 100 ( and if you follow our account building guilds you will always have 5 Legendaries at this point in time) at Town Hall 14 HBM-G is your goal. If you’re fortunate enough to have a Vlad Dracula, Santa Boom, Immortep or Moltanica at this point in time this should be relatively easy to do. If you don’t have any of those that’s ok, if you can’t farm G with Bombs just stick to F until your heroes get above 120 and it should be a piece of cake.

  • Hero bases 13+
  • Towers 6+



HBM-H is a huge step up from G. The main difference is that Ornicopters are present for the first time. They fly directly over your walls and hit your towers with high damage and have reasonably good HP. When you first start farming H you wont have much of your base left by the end and never a tower. Town hall 17 is very important because you now have 5 towers to keep the Ornicopters at bay.  The Ciaxa-De-Morte becomes available at Town hall 17 and is a big improvement on the best TH16 base.

  • Town Hall 17+
  • Hero bases 14+
  • Towers 7+



HBM-I used to be the biggest step up in HBM but Inscriptions have changed that big time. Any Legendary team with Inscriptions 21+ and TH 18 should decimate I.

  • Hero Bases 16+
  • Town hall 17+
  • Towers 8+

If you’re struggling with I then increase your TH level and inscription levels.

The only 2 dangers in HBM I are Spirit Mage and split waves which can allow Thunder God to get a few procs off.


Spirit mage:

This is the reason TH 18 is so significant. The wings cause the ground troops to have to run around them to get inside the base, this takes quite a big longer and allows Spirit Mage to get in range of your ranged heroes and towers first and be targeted. This is also the reason why we put 26 guardians in each camp.

Why use troops? Spirit Mage always targets troops before heroes, this is why we seperate our camps into 4 corners to enable at least 1 of them to survive as long as possible and have Guardians for the Spirit Mage procs to target.

Why Guardians and why 26? It is all about providing a buffer to absorb Spirit Mage procs without giving too many troops so that Thunder God can get a proc off when  the wave spawns at the corner.


Thunder God:

Generally not a danger once your heroes HP is high enough but if you have some damaged heroes and the Thunder God in the next wave procs on them you could be in a spot of bother. If your outside buildings are not above level 16 then most of the waves Thunder God shouldn’t be able to get a proc off because the Troops and ninja outrace him and destroy most buildings before he gets to them.

  • I-2 has a Thunder God with Revitalize 3/5 which will normally proc, if you have a Druid to heal your team this should not be a problem.
  • If a wave spawns between 2 different clusters of buildings and splits with Thunder God going in the opposite direction to Ninja and most of the ground troops he may get a few procs off. This is rare and can be planned for by placing your buildings so that they are not symmetrical. See the below picture.

Please ignore the base and heroes, this is a high level account that farms P. This Pic is specifically to show you the OUTSIDE building arrangement to minimize wave splits on I and J. The significance of it is that if you look at any 1 side between 2 corners: One corner has a length of 1 army camp + 1 building while the other corner has a length of 1 army camp + 2 buildings. This is because most waves spawn in the center of one of the sides of the base.





Unless your heroes are very powerful you are going to need TH 17. Every Town hall level is significant in the benefit it gives you against HBM-J.

  • TH 17+
  • Hero bases 18+
  • Towers 8+

With TH 17 and typical heroes with 40+ inscriptions above level 140 J should not be much of a problem. Here is an example of a typical Free to play (F2P) account’s    HBM-J team by the time they reach TH-17:

  • Druid ( from Daily Rewards)
  • Thunder God ( ShardShard.png farmed)
  • Grizzly Reaper/Immortep (Rolled with GemsGem.png or ShardShard.png farmed)
  • Pumpkin Duke/ Cupid/ Santa Boom/ Vlad Dracula/ Orksbane/ Aries @ 5/9+ ( whichever 1 you have rolled on your account)
  • Whatever other legendary you have rolled that is decent for HBM: Ninja/Snowzilla/ any of the above ones.

Vlad Dracula at 150, 5/9 skill, with inscriptions 41+ can beat J on his own.

If your on the cusp of doing J some things to know that may improve your results are:

  • Ranged heroes are much better on the outside bases than non ranged.
  • J-4 has a Spirit Mage with revitalize 5/5 so you need heroes who can tank this without dying.
  • Higher Town hall levels perform much better with the Winged Deathbox.
  • Highest HP buildings in the center.
  • 40 Guardians on the outside. More than I because A) Spirit mage has a higher level skill and hits more targets with his proc and B) The troops are heroes are stronger which means they clear the outside corners faster so you don’t need to worry about Thunder God Procing.



These are the first few tiers of Challenge II and they are surprising for a couple of reasons:

  • HBM II Tiers have 2 sets of enemies per wave. This means more troops and heroes and makes AOE heroes a lot better.
  • They are all easier than HBM J for people who farm J easily without losing a hero regularly.

High Might players and players with Vlad Dracula will breeze through K -N. Players who are farming J at less than 100% and who don’t have big AOE heroes may struggle.

If you are struggling with K-N there are a few things you can focus on depending on what heroes you have at your disposal.

  • If you have Santa Boom or Vlad Dracula just increase their skill, they decimate these tiers.
  • Orksbane and Minotaur Chieftain went up in value big time due to their ability to hit many targets at o
  • If you use Grizzly Reaper, Spirit Mage or Thunder God you can increase their skill so that they can proc on more targets.
  • Snowzilla performs better than on previous tiers.
  • If you have Pumpkin Duke just increase his



HBM-O is a completely different kettle of fish from all of the previous tiers. For the first time the boss on wave 5 is a Centaur Chieftain. He is very similar to the Boss in Storm mesa 4. His specific attributes are:

  • Can not be stunned.
  • 40 million HP.
  • There is no damage cap.
  • He targets your heroes directly.
  • His Proc stuns for 1.5 seconds.
  • 12k damage.
  • 18k Proc


These high levels of HBM are designed for top tier players. Players without at least a few top grade legendary heroes will struggle. You will, at a minimum, need:

  • Heroes 160+ with high level inscriptions and crests.
  • High DPS multitarget heroes: At least(ideally 2+) 1 Minotaur Chieftain/Vlad Dracula/ Santa Boom/ Moltanica.
  • Pumpkin Duke or a very strong Slow Down Team.
  • 19+ Town hall
  • Towers 9+
  • Hero Bases 18+
  • High skill levels on heroes.
  • 6 hero bases.
  • Use Hero Bombs placed as deep in your base as possible so the boss gets hit by them.


Some players are trying varying amounts of Magic Towers with level 3+ blue AND green garrisons for the stun affect against the multitude of heroes in these waves.

There are a few different tacts you can take for HBM O+ depending on what you have available.

Q and R has a Dinosaur boss on round 4 as well as the Centaur boss on round 5.



If you have most heroes available with high levels, skill levels and inscription levels you will just use your best all round heroes:

Your best possible 6 heroes are:

  • Pumpkin Duke (Required)
  • Vlad Dracula
  • Santa Boom
  • Cupid
  • Moltanica
  • Druid


If you’re missing any of these you can replace with:

  • Snowzilla
  • Minotaur Chieftain
  • Immortep
  • Orksbane


If you can not field 6 of the above 9 heroes ( Minimum 1 of Vlad Dracula, Santa Boom or Moltanica is required) then this method is not available.

4 ranged heroes on the corner bases, if you are using 5 ranged heroes put Vlad Dracula or Snowzilla in the center next to Pumpkin Duke. If your heroes are strong enough your DPS will be enough to clear each subsequent level.


Slow Down Lock:

With enough Slowdown affect on the boss he will stop moving which will allow you to beat him as long as the hero he is targeting has not been reached yet. Slowdown Talent and Slowdown Crests are especially useful here. You will need:

  • Pumpkin Duke
  • Cupid
  • Minimum 2, ideally 3 of Moltanica/Snowzilla/ SantaBoom/Orksbane/ Ice Demon
  • Druid
  • Slowdown Talents or crest sets 4+

The best replacements for these heroes if you are missing 1 or more are Vlad Dracula and Minotaur Chieftain, Immortep is an acceptable replacement also if you are struggling to kill the other heroes. ** If you do not have Santa Boom, Moltanica or Vlad Dracula you may severely struggle to kill the enemies heroes whilst keeping Pumpkin Duke alive.

You put your ranged heroes on the corners as usual and keep pimpkin Duke next to the most powerful HBM hero available to help keep him alive.


Succubus method:

If you don’t have heroes near 180 and do not have the heroes to use the Slow Down technique than you need to take a different route. We will focus on getting the best balance we can get between multi-Target DPS to kill the multitude of heroes and single target DPS to kill the boss before he kills you. As the HBM tier gets higher there are stronger and more heroes and your multi-target capabilities become more important. The crux of the strategy is to have enough multi-target damage to survive until the boss. Then we need Succubus to proc twice on the boss, at 4/9 Succubus does 26% of the boss’s total HP per proc! With no damage cap this makes her easily the highest single target DPS hero against the boss in HBM O+. Generally the 52% damage from the 2 procs is easily enough to kill the boss with the general damage from your heroes and any addition damage from Hero Bombs. If it isn’t the higher Pumpkin Duke or Cupid skill levels will benefit you.

Pumpkin Duke and Cupid are the best heroes to use alongside Succubus and ideally you want 4 ranged heroes.

  • Cupid is the best support hero for this method and is needed for P+.
  • Pumpkin Duke is the second best support hero for this method and is required for P+.
  • Druid is typically required.

Multi-Target DPS:

You will pack as many multitarget DPS heroes. If all are level 161 and 7/9 skill with no particular talent, this is the order from best to last of the heroes that are viable:

  • Vlad Dracula
  • Santa Boom
  • Moltanica
  • Minotaur Chieftain
  • Immortep
  • Orksbane
  • Snowzilla
  • Thunder God
  • Spirit Mage
  • Aries
  • Grizzly Reaper



Many players are trying varying amounts of Magic towers with level 3+ blue AND green garrisons. Most people can not get past S-4.

  • Every wave is legends only.
  • Ornithopters level 5 in first 3 waves.
  • Wave S-4 has a level 209 Dinosaur boss AND a level 209 Centaur Chieftain boss.
  • Wave S-5 has an over-sized Moltanica as its boss.




T is best done using corner bases and the following heroes:

Santa, Druid, Cupid, PD, Vlad, Molt.

Crest’s are very important, you need to have reasonable levels on your crests including at least a couple of slowdown’s (Cupid and Druid). Your talents will need to be decent (Berserk on Druid is critical) and your heroes will all need high skill levels 8+.