Hero Expedition


Hero Expedition is a game mode that is essentially raiding without spells. It is a valuable source of Honor BadgesHB.png and Merit BadgesMerit.png. The amount of rewards you receive goes up proportionately with your Might and you receive more rewards for each consecutive level you defeat and the rewards are also affected by the % of each base you destroy. You can complete a hero expedition once every day server time. To do a hero expedition you select your Arena and click on the ‘Expedition’ icon:



This opens up the Hero Expedition screen:



On this screen you have another tab, it is the Merit rankings, it is simply a leader board for total MeritMerit.png earned through Hero Expedition lifetime per account. R1 through R10 represent the 10 stages of your expedition for the day. You can come in to attempt the next stage at any time throughout the day, each round will present you a random opponent except that each subsequent one will have higher Might than the last. To  attempt your current round press the ‘Select hero’ icon:


Now you get to select up to 15 heroes to take with you. There are a few rules for Hero Expedition:

  • Your number of total deployed heroes at any given time is determined by your Nobility Title. The table is further down the page. As soon as a hero dies you can deploy a replacement.
  • You can only have 1 of each hero on the battlefield at any given time. You can take backup duplicates but can not use them until the original dies.
  • If a hero dies he is unusable again for any stage in Hero Expedition for the rest of the day. This doesn’t affect any other game mode however.
  • You can quit a stage and start again at anytime, with no penalty, as long as you have not destroyed 50% or more of the base.
  • If you leave after destroying 50% or more it considers that round complete and you will move on to the next.
  • You do not have access to any Magic.
  • You can ‘Skip’ an opponent 5 times per day. This doesn’t clear the level, just generates you a new opponent if you think the current one is risky to attempt.

Once you select your heroes it will open you to the Hero Expedition screen. It is identical to the Raid screen except there is no magic, you have all of the selected heroes lined up and there is the ‘Next’ icon to skip this base in the bottom right hand corner:


Nobility Ranking Table:

IconTitleMight requiredStat boostGemsGem.png Earned dailyHonor BadgesHB.png Earned DailyShardsShard.pngEarned DailyHero Expedition HP BuffDeployable heroes in Hero Expedition
nob.pngCadet34120%5Gem.png 0006
nob.pngSoldier50245%8Gem.png 50HB.png006
nob.pngSquire822110%10Gem.png 100HB.png006
nob.pngKnight1125415%12Gem.png 150HB.png010%6
nob.pngSir1453620%15Gem.png 200HB.png015%6
nob.pngLord1728135%20Gem.png 500HB.png10Shard.png20%6
nob.pngBaronet1965445%22Gem.png 1000HB.png20Shard.png25%6
nob.pngBaron2124555%25Gem.png 1500HB.png30Shard.png30%7
nob.pngViscount2301165%27Gem.png 2000HB.png40Shard.png35%7
nob.pngEarl2614175%32Gem.png 3000HB.png50Shard.png40%7
nob.pngMarquis3154285%35Gem.png 3500HB.png50Shard.png40%8
nob.pngDuke3834595%38Gem.png 4000HB.png70Shard.png60%8
nob.pngArchduke45923105%40Gem.png 4500HB.png80Shard.png70%9
nob.pngGrand Duke58000115%75Gem.png 7000HB.png100Shard.png80%10
nob.pngKing80000125%100Gem.png 8800HB.png120Shard.png90%10
Emperor120000130%100Gem.png 10000HB.png140Shard.png100%10
Dominator180000135%100Gem.png 12000HB.png160Shard.png110%
(We expect)
Sovereign300000140%100Gem.png 15000HB.png180Shard.png120%
(We expect)


Basic Strategy:

Players with very powerful heroes tend to not have a problem with Hero Expedition for the same reason Raids are easy. The attacker has a big edge because they get to choose the angle of attack and most players tend to have pretty similar bases. The main exploit is to use heroes that kill your enemy heroes before you get to them and deploy them at a safe distance to destroy outside buildings and build energy for their skills:

If you need to deploy your heroes near the core of their base where their heroes and towers are then consider using a tank hero as a decoy. The multitude of Paladins you receive from Daily Rewards are perfect for the job. Often by the time the Paladin dies you have killed the threats. The AOE heroes that attack within their vicinity are also exceptional in this game mode:

Often 1 proc from these guys on your enemy heroes just about kills them all, especially in the case of Vlad Dracula and Moltanica.


Things to be wary of:

  • Enemy Spirit Mage’s, Aries’, Moltanica’s, Vlad Dracula’s and Thunder God’s with 5/5 Revitalize (You can see this by looking at their energy bar).
  • Towers with high garrisons.