Hero Trials

Hero Trials is a game mode where you are attacked by a wave of enemy heroes. It is similar to Here be Monsters except that there is only 1 wave and it is full of many copies of 1 type of hero. You generate 1 entry every 6 hours. To find Hero Trials press the blue portal at the top of your screen to the left of the Quest Board and select the icon with Thunder God’s mug on it:


This opens up the HT page:


On this page you can see how many chances (Swords) you have left, how long until you generate your next one and what levels you have available. Once you clear a level the next one becomes available to be entered.

When you select the level you want to play and press start the game will select a random Legendary hero other than:

Then the appropriate amount of heroes for the level you selected will spawn, they also have a 4x HP buff. The hero levels and amount vary based on the level of Hero trial you select. The specific statistics of each level as well as the rewards are listed in the below table:

Trial No. of Heroes Heroes’ level Possible Rewards
L1 3 30 100HB.png 200HB.png 500HB.png 3Gem.png 5Gem.png 10Gem.png
L2 6 50 150HB.png 300HB.png 750HB.png 6Gem.png 10Gem.png 20Gem.png
L3 9 70 200HB.png 400HB.png 1000HB.png 9Gem.png 15Gem.png 30Gem.png
L4 12 90 250HB.png 500HB.png 1250HB.png 12Gem.png 20Gem.png 40Gem.png
L5 15 110 300HB.png 600HB.png 1500HB.png 15Gem.png 25Gem.png 50Gem.png
L6 18 130 400HB.png 800HB.png 2000HB.png 18Gem.png 30Gem.png 60Gem.png
L7 21 150 500HB.png 1000HB.png 2500HB.png 21Gem.png 35Gem.png 70Gem.png
L8 24 170 600HB.png 1200HB.png 3000HB.png 24Gem.png 40Gem.png 80Gem.png
L9 27 190 700HB.png 1400HB.png 3500HB.png 27Gem.png 45Gem.png 90Gem.png
L10 30 210 800HB.png 1600HB.png 4000HB.png 30Gem.png 50Gem.png 100Gem.png
L11 33 230 1000HB.png 2000HB.png 5000HB.png 33Gem.png 55Gem.png 110Gem.png
L12 36 250 1200HB.png 2400HB.png 6000HB.png 36Gem.png 60Gem.png 120Gem.png

In addition to this there is an undisclosed percentage% chance of winning a hero with the completion of a Hero Trial and IGG claims the chance increases with the higher levels.

As of late 2015 Hero Trial II was added to the game. It is levels 13-24 and involves specifically different heroes. The heroes you can fight against in HT2 are:

  • Siren
  • Death Knight
  • Orksbane
  • Aries
  • Vlad Dracula
  • Pixie
  • Warlock
  • Harpy Queen
  • Treantaur

We haven’t completed all levels of HT2 yet but so far the rewards seem to scale up at the same ratio’s as the first 12 levels, with the same types of reward also.


  • Magic Towers with Blue garrisons perform well on Hero Trials because of the stun affect the garrison provides.
  • Heroes that perform well in Here be Monsters tend to perform well in Hero Trials.
  • Hero Bombs are useful.