Heroes Altar

For Information on hero’s attributes please see the Attributes page. Thank you!

The Heroes Altar can be built at Town Hall level 3 and is the place to go for all hero related activities. In the Heroes Altar you can:

  • Hire new heroes.
  • Upgrade heroes Star level.
  • Upgrade heroes Skill level.
  • Inscribe heroes.
  • Equip heroes with Crests.
  • Change heroes talents.
  • Use Exp tomes to increase heroes experience.

Increasing the Heroes Altar increases your Might slightly and decreases the amount of time it takes for your heroes to regenerate after dying.



Level HP Level Up CostGold.png Level Up Time Hero Revival Time Decrease % Might
1 3,500 240Gold.png 10s 3 10
2 4,000 1,100Gold.png 1m 6 20
3 5,000 3,000Gold.png 5m 9 30
4 5,500 6,000Gold.png 15m 12 40
5 6,500 13,000Gold.png 30m 15 50
6 7,500 22,000Gold.png 1h 18 60
7 9,000 38,000Gold.png 2h 21 70
8 10,500 63,000Gold.png 4h 24 80
9 12,000 110,000Gold.png 8h 27 90
10 14,000 150,000Gold.png 12h 30 100
11 16,500 270,000Gold.png 1d 33 110
12 19,000 380,000Gold.png 2d 36 120
13 21,500 520,000Gold.png 3d 39 130
14 25,000 690,000Gold.png 4d 42 140
15 29,000 890,000Gold.png 5d 45 150
16 33,500 1,300,000Gold.png 6d 48 160
17 38,500 1,800,000Gold.png 7d 51 170
18 45,500 2,400,000Gold.png 8d 54 180
19 52,500 3,000,000Gold.png 10d 57 190
20 63,000 3,600,000Gold.png 12d 60 200


Your Heroes Altar initially has 20 slots for heroes but it can have up to 70. Additional slots can be purchased for 50 GemsGem.png or acquired by using the Hero Slot card that can be bought from the Warehouse for 250 MeritsMerit.png or gained as a reward from Storm Mesa 2.


All functions of the Heroes Altar can be accessed by entering the Heroes Altar:



Which brings you to the main page:

heroes altar main


Here you can use the tabs at the top of the screen to look at specific classes of heroes only. You can also Hire heroes with one of the 3 options at the bottom of the screen or you can select a hero for hero specific functions.


Hire Heroes

Hire with GemsGem.png:



For the odds of each type of hero please see the Heroes page. The cost remains the same always.


Hire with Honor BadgesHB.png:



Here you have your total Honor BadgesHB.png displayed in the upper left hand corner. Each subsequent hero will cost 100 more Honor BadgesHB.png with the price resetting each day.

For probabilities of outcomes please see the Heroes page.


Hire with Shards:



Your total ShardShard.png count is in the top left hand corner.

The exclamation mark above each hero offers more information.

Here you can select a specific hero to hire. Most of the best Legendary heroes can not be hired this way however. The available heroes are sorted based on class. The sacrifice class being used to increase you hero skill levels:




You can also select a specific hero to access more functions, selecting a hero will bring up the hero’s page:

heroesaltarhero   On this page you can see:

  • The hero’s skill and level: Magic Missile 7/9 and the current progress rate to the next level 50/500,000.
  • The hero’s current Talent: War God 5/5.
  • The hero’s current Star level in the top left hand corner, currently 9.
  • The hero’s level and the level at which it reaches the cap determined by its Star level. 168 and 180 respectively.
  • The hero’s base stats: Attackattack.png, HPPDGamers.png, movement speedPDGamers.png and attack speedPDGamers.png.

The arrows next to the picture of the hero are so you can quickly toggle between heroes and the padlock icon being closed stops the hero from being able to be consumed. There are quite a few functions available at this screen:

Star Level Upgrades:


Heroes start at level 1 and at 1 Starstars.png. Every 20th level they reach their cap and their Star level needs to be increased to allow them to continue to grow. As the hero’s level increases each subsequent Star level upgrade costs more resources. When a hero reaches its level cap you will notice the star on their avatar in the Heroes Altar will be shiny:



Pumpkin Duke and the Paladins have reached their cap and are ready to be upgraded. To Upgrade simply select the hero:


Then press the ‘Upgrade’ icon under the picture on the left hand side. It opens up this page:



Where you can view the costs for this specific upgrade as well as the immediate changes to the hero’s stats. The Fires cost is not a cost but a requirement. You need to have collected this number of Flames by defeating Dungeons to be able to obtain the next Star level for your heroes.


Costs and statistics for Star Upgrades:

Starstars.png Gold CostGold.png Honor BadgesHB.png Cost FiresFires.png
Max. Level
1stars.png Default Default N/A  20
2stars.png     10,000Gold.png   1,000HB.png  10Fires.png  40
3stars.png     30,000Gold.png   3,000HB.png  50Fires.png  60
4stars.png    100,000Gold.png  10,000HB.png  75Fires.png  80
5stars.png    200,000Gold.png  20,000HB.png 105Fires.png 100
6stars.png    300,000Gold.png  30,000HB.png 135Fires.png 120
7stars.png    500,000Gold.png  50,000HB.png 190Fires.png 140
8stars.png 1,000,000Gold.png 100,000HB.png 250Fires.png 160
9stars.png 2,000,000Gold.png 200,000HB.png 320Fires.png 180
Change Talent:

If you click on the ‘Change’ icon the Talent refresh screen will open up. Please see the Gem Store and Functions of Gems page for more information.


If you press the Consume icon it will open up the hero skill page:



On this page you have 3 tabs. You can consume heroes or essences to provide hero skill exp to increase the level of the hero’s skill, consuming heroes also makes space in your heroes altar for better ones. For more information on the rate of experience gained from consuming heroes please read the Skills page.


There is also the Earn EXP tab:



This can also be shortcut to by pressing the ‘Earn EXP’ icon instead of enter when you first view the Heroes Altar.

Here you can add whatever tomes you have available to be consumed for EXP.


If you press the ‘Inscribe’ icon the inscription screen appears:



For complete information on Inscriptions please view the Inscriptions page.

On this page you also can equip Crests to your hero ( Your hero needs to be at Inscription level 21 to wear Crests). To do so you simply select one of the Crest slots:

crest slots


If there is currently no Crest equipped then the Crest menu will open immediately, if you have one currently equipped then you will need to select Change to see the Crest menu:


Crest Menu:

crest slots 3


You will see what Crest options you have currently available for this slot ( You will not see what Crests you have that are on other heroes).

For more Information please view the Crests page.



If you click the ‘Combine’ tab on any page in the Heroes Altar you can combine Crests to gain higher level Crests:



To do this you need 4 Identical Crests ( same level, type and slot), the page shows you how many of each specific one you have. You simply click on one of the Crests to put 4 of them into the slots and the cost in Red Crystalsredcrystal.png will change from 0 to the appropriate number. The costs are based on the level of the Crests:


Crest Upgrade 1 to 2 2 to 3 3 to 4 4 to 5
Upgrade Costredcrystal.png 400redcrystal.png 1,200redcrystal.png 6,000redcrystal.png 18,000redcrystal.png
Upgrade Cost for a full setredcrystal.png 1,600redcrystal.png 11,200redcrystal.png 68,800redcrystal.png 347,200redcrystal.png


You click the icon with the Red Crystalsredcrystal.png and you will consume your 4 identical Crests and gain 1 Crest of the same Type and slot that is 1 level higher.