Heroes are what the game is based around. They can be hired in the Heroes Altar. Heroes defend your castle when placed on a Hero Base and can then be used in Raids, Dungeons, Boss fights and Hero Trials. Team Dungeons, Torch Battles and Heroes Expeditions do not need Heroes to be placed on Hero Bases. Every Hero starts at  1-Starstars.png and is granted a random talent in addition to their Skill. The only exception to this is when a 6-Starstars.png hero is awarded by IGG in special events. Heroes levels are increased by gaining Experience in Raids, Dungeons and Here Be Monsters or by consuming Tomes. At every 20th Hero level, a Star level Upgrade will appear requiring GoldGold.png, Honor BadgesHB.png and FiresFires.png in order for the Hero to gain additional Hero levels. Heroes can no longer gain experience  once they are capped until you upgrade their starstars.png level. Heroes can be purchased and upgraded in the Heroes Altar. You can buy a Hero four ways, using different resources:

  •  Honor BadgesHB.png : Gives a high chance to receive a Slime or Ordinary Hero.There is also a small chance that you can get an Elite Hero and a low chance of receiving Gelatinous Champion.
  •  GemsGem.png:  User generated information suggests that a gem roll gives the player a 5% chance to receive a Legendary Hero, a 60% chance to receive an Elite Hero, a 10% chance to receive an Ordinary Hero, and finally a 25% chance the receive a sacrifice hero (with a 15% chance of a Gelatinous Champion and 85% chance of Crystal Ooze). The data also suggests that when receiving a Legendary Hero, the chance of it being a Gem roll only hero are smaller than of it being a Shardable legendary hero, however with the small sample size of data this is not proven.
  •  ShardsShard.png: You can choose which hero you wish to acquire by purchasing it. Only specific heroes can be bought with ShardsShard.png and most of the best heroes can not be hired this way.
  •  Hero Cards: Hires a random hero for each class of Hero Card. Hero Cards can be obtained by purchasing with MeritsMerit.png through Warehouse or by opening Storm Mesa Chests from Team Dungeons. Some heroes can not be acquired with hero cards.
  • Event reward: Moltanica can only be hired as a prize from certain events. Other heroes are occasionally available as event rewards, they tend to be the Gem-roll only heroes.

Duplicate heroes cannot be stacked, i.e. You can not have more than one of the same type Hero fighting or defending from the Hero Bases and Hero Expeditions, but you can have duplicate heroes occupying Tower Garrisons. As of late 2014 Heroes can be improved with Inscriptions and Crests.


Sacrifice Heroes are heroes that are consumed to increase other Heroes’ skill levels. They can not be used in battles or for tower garrison purposes.


Ordinary heroes are fine for early game play but the difference in quality between Legendary heroes and non Legendary heroes is so great that you want to replace your ordinaries as soon as possible.


Elite heroes fall largely into the same category as Ordinary heroes and are only marginally better than Ordinary heroes. There are some notable exceptions however, they are: Executioner, Ice Demon and Shaman who have some late game functionality.


Legendary Heroes are the bread and butter of the game and within a short space of time you will have a 5 legendary team for almost all aspects of the game. Some of them can only be obtained by GemGem.png rolls or by in-game purchases. There is roughly 0.5% chance per GemGem.png Roll of getting a specific Legendary hero, or about a 50% chance after 172 rolls. Due to the number of Legendary heroes we sort them into 3 categories: Shardable legendary heroes Gem Roll only heroes Spend and event only heroes


Boss are classified as Heroes too but can not be acquired by players. They are seen in features like Here Be Monsters , Team Dungeons and Boss fights.

Hero revival:

When a hero dies in battle it will automatically revive. This process takes an amount of time that is based on the heroes level and your Heroes Altar’s level. For heroes between lvl 1-39: Revive time = lvl * 10 For heroes between lvl 40-180: Revive time = lvl * 15 Each upgrade of Heroes Altar reduces the time by 3%