January 6th 2016 Update 1.2.8

January 6th 2016 Update 1.2.8

New hero :


Skill Frost Breath: Deals DMG equal to 100% ATK to enemies in front, freezing them for 2.5s and buildings for 2.5s, removing all buffs. Hero has Lv 5 Condemnation. Cooldown: 6s.

Event only hero

New Game Mode : Guild Wars, plays simular to expeditions except your whole guild is paired with four other guilds of simular status, you earn fame from this game mode individually. Expect raiding in the future to be much harder

Dungeons: Have 20 available trials instead of the previous 5

Quest board: Troop sacrifice quests have been eliminated

Heroes Alter: Allows you to see heroes talent with a small icon

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