Lost Realm


The Lost Realm is a game mode that is unlocked when you reach 10,000 Might.

It is an extremely important game mode because it is the only one where you can source BlueBlueCrystal.png and Redredcrystal.png crystals, these resources are needed for Inscriptions, combining crests and forging crests.

V1.2.67 added three additional events to lost realm; Treasure Trove, Merchant and Here be Demon

To enter the Lost Realm you click on the blue portal on the right hand side of the home screen:


This opens up the Lost Realm:

lost realm template


On this page you can see a variety of information. Please click on any of the below tab’s to expand them and view full information:

In the top left hand corner is your Lost Realm level and your experience progress:

You can see your Lost Realm level, your current experience progress and the amount of experience required to advance to the next level. You earn 1 experience for every space moved and for starting battles. You earn experience equal to the Stamina cost of said battle, essentially you receive 1 experience for every Stamina used. In addition to this you receive experience as loot for each successful battle.

Under the experience bar is your Stamina count:

Every move requires 1 stamina per  square. It also costs stamina to initiate a battle, the amount of stamina is based on the number and type of heroes you will be fighting and the cost of each battle can not be seen until you’re standing on the corresponding square.

You generate 1 stamina every 10 minutes. You can also refresh stamina up to 7 times a day with GemsGem.png. The first refresh per day costs 50Gem.png, the second to fourth refresh’s costs 100Gem.png and the fifth to seventh refresh’s cost 200Gem.png.


Stamina refresh2

In the bottom left hand corner is the Form Team tab:

This takes you to the same form team page as the similar tab in Team Dungeons. In fact you have 1 formed team at any time and if you use different heroes for Lost Realm and Team Dungeons you must constantly switch your team around:

lr setup2

Click on a hero and click remove to remove it, edit setup removes all heroes. If there is space click on a hero at the bottom of the screen and press a square to place it on, you can have up to 5 heroes on the tableau.

Be aware that when you initiate a battle your enemies come from the upper left hand diagonal of the screen. The optimal team setup will be based on the strength of your heroes.


At the top of the screen you can see your Blue Crystal supply:

crystal mine

Your Blue CrystalBlueCrystal.png supply is at the top of the screen, you can store up to 10 million at a time. They are used for Inscribing your heroes. Blue CrystalsBlueCrystal.png are generated primarily by Blue Crystal Mines, one of which is highlighted in screen. You can upgrade them with Red Crystalsredcrystal.png. As the Crystal Mines’ level increases they both produce and can store my Blue CrystalsBlueCrystal.png. They must be harvested just like Gold Mines and Mana Mills.

You can also sell Crests for BlueCrystal.png: 2000BlueCrystal.png for a level one Crest, 8000BlueCrystal.png for level 2, 32000BlueCrystal.png for level 3, 128,000BlueCrystal.png for level 4 and 512,000BlueCrystal.png for level 5.

Blue Crystal Bags can be acquired as loot in the Lost Realm, when opened they provide you with either 1000BlueCrystal.png or 5000BlueCrystal.png.

At the top of your screen is your Red Crystal supply.

Red Crystalsredcrystal.png are used for upgrading Blue Crystal Mines and for upgrading Crests. They are earned as loot for winning battles in the Lost Realm as well as received by completing acheivements associated with the Lost Realm.

In the Lost Realm there are enemy heroes to battle:

Groups of enemy heroes can be seen on screen and attacked. If you are successful in your attack you will earn an amount of experience, Red Crystalsredcrystal.png and some loot based on ther strength of the enemy. Enemy heroes in the Lost Realm receive a HPPDGamers.png buff based on your Might. The buff is not linear so there is no known formula for calculating it.

  • As your might increases to certain thresholds the buff increases: at 14k Might a Serpent Queen lvl 95 receives a 439% buff to HPPDGamers.png. At 78000 Might a lvl 110 Serpent Queen receives a 1506% buff to HPPDGamers.png
  • The buff is not the same for all enemy heroes. Weaker heroes receive more of a Buff then more powerful ones. At 78000 Might a level 110 Shaman receives a 1340% HPPDGamers.png buff whereas level 110 Werewolf and Assassin both receive a 1506% HPPDGamers.png buff.

It costs stamina to engage in a battle, the amount is dependant on the strength of the enemy you are facing. The Stamina cost is displayed on the icon that says ‘Attack’:


Stronger enemies have higher level loot drops.

6 stamina enemies can drop:

  • Gold and Mana packs.
  • Bronze Keys.
  • Crest bags.
  • Small Blue Crystal Bags.

9 Stamina enemies can drop:

  • All of the above.
  • Crest Boxes.
  • Silver Keys.
  • Rare Crest bags.

12 Stamina enemies can drop:

  • All of the above.
  • Rare Crest Boxes.
  • Mythic Crest Bags.
  • Gold keys.
  • Large Blue Crystal Bags.

15 stamina enemies can drop:

  • All of the above.
  • Mythic Crest Boxes.


In the Lost Realm there are Chests that can be opened for loot:
Chests require the corresponding key to open. Bronze Chests can contain:

  • Gold and Mana Packs.
  • Crest Bags.
  • Small Blue Crystal Bags.

Silver Chests can contain:

  • All of the above.
  • Crest Boxes.
  • Rare Crest Bags.

Gold Chests can contain:

  • All of the above.
  • Rare Crest Boxes.
  • Mythic Crest Bags.
  • Mythic Crest Boxes.
  • Large Blue Crystal Bags.
Once your Lost Realm is level 4 you can access Battle Altars:

Battle altars generate large quantities of Blue CrystalsBlueCrystal.png. They can be owned by 1 player and be conquered from other players. To try to conquer a Battle Altar simply move onto it and click battle. Once it is conquered you will have 4 hours of protection before someone else can try to conquer it from you. When a battle Altar is able to be attacked it will have the sword icon above it. It will have a timer above it if it is protected.


battle altar

In the Lost Realm there are 3 Random events that will occur from time to time:

Treasure Trove Event

Treasure Trove allows the user to open random chests at an escalating price of BlueCrystal.png. Due to how valuable BlueCrystal.png are and how expensive treasure trove is, it is advised to open either 0 or 1 chest each time.
Current information would suggest that all three chests have the same chance of opening a particular item In the chests the following can be found:

  • Blue Crystal bag S
  • Blue Crystal Bag L
  • Red Crystal Bag S
  • Red Crystal Bag L
  • Crest box
  • Crest Bag Rare
  • Crest Bag Mythic
  • Crest Bag
  • Silver Key
  • Gold Key
Merchant Event

The Lost Realm Merchant is a random event that can spawn on any tile in the Lost Realm. It often spawns underneath heroes or chests. Once you are on the tile the merchant screen pops up and you will have 6 items available to you at various prices of GemsGem.png or GoldGold.png. You can buy as many of the 6 items as you have the resources to buy but you cannot leave the merchant screen to go farm resources, if you leave the screen the merchant disappears. The crystal bags and boxes can be in groups of 1 or more.

Lvl 1 Ordinary Crest500000Gold.png
Lvl 2 Ordinary Crest80Gem.png
Lvl 1 Rare Crest800000Gold.png
Lvl 2 Rare Crest160Gem.png
Lvl 1 Mythic Crest1500000Gold.png
Lvl 2 Mythic Crest300Gem.png
Silver Key200000Gold.png.
Gold Key1000000Gold.png
Small Ordinary Blue Crystal bagsGold.png
Large Ordinary Blue Crystal bags50000Gold.png per bag.
Small Ordinary Blue Crystal box200000Gold.png per box
Large Ordinary Blue Crystal box500000Gold.png per box
Small Red Crystal bags2Gem.png per bag
Large Red Crystal Bags10Gem.png per bag.
Small Rare Red Crystal boxGem.png
Large Red Crystal boxGem.png
Here Be Demons

A random demon is summoned and you have 2 hours to defeat it. Like here be monsters you can fight the demon multiple times and each time you take away some of its hit points. Entries are limited, the number of swords indicates your available entries, these entries do replenish at a rate of 1 every 30 minutes.


In here be demon you can choose to fight the demon with either someone on your friend list or one of the top 10 might players in your guild. They do not need to be online, the system uses their lost realm setup and puts them at the top of the screen and you at the bottom. Both you and your friends team fight the monster and any heroes that may spawn with him. * You can check to see what heroes your allies have and how they are placed before committing to using someone. Once you use a particular person you can not use them again for 30 minutes.

There are different types of demons with different amounts skills, hit-points and allies. Most of these demons will take strong teams to defeat containing pumpkin duke and cupid and least 8 star heroes on both yours and your friends teams. The Demon Bosses have varying abilities that are shown on the top right hand of the Boss screen ( above). The abilities include:

  • Proc that deflects 50% damage for X seconds.
  • Proc that does huge damage to one nearby target.
  • Proc that reduces damage taken to 0 for X seconds.
  • Proc that Stuns and deals damage to all heroes.
  • Spawns with Mobs: Boss will spawn with either 2 Moltanica’s, 2 Minotaur Chieftain’s, 2 Vlad Dracula’s or 2 Atlanticore’s.

The rewards for defeating the Boss are only received by you, your teammates receive nothing. The rewards are Always 1x Mythic Crest bag and 400-1100redcrystal.png.



The bosses are of varying difficulty, with the Reflect boss and the stun boss the hardest. Against the reflect boss if you have 2 Pumpkin Dukes on the field you will very likely need to stop him ever procing to win. The best way to do this is to combine Aries silence ability with Slow attack effects. The best part of slowing attack speed is that you will only need 1 druid. If you don’t have the heroes available to do this you can always use Pixies and other Scatter 3+/5 heroes but they are much less effective. The perfect team for HBD includes:


  • PD
  • Frost Witch
  • A Tank ( the best one is Moltanica because he slows attack speed and debuffs.


  • PD
  • Frost Witch

In addition to these, among your two teams you will require:

  • Aries: 5/5 Revitalize is best, if not 5/5 Revit, make sure he is at the front.
  • 1 Druid.
  • 1-2 Cupids
  • Other heroes are not important Debuffers like Moltanica and Succubus are good as are DPS heroes like Snowzilla, Vlad Dracula or Immortep. Also, Pixie and other scatter heroes or a second Aries are good choices also.

For the High Damage demon make sure you have 1 debuffer: Shaman, Moltanica or Succubus.