Nobility Titles

Nobility Titles are earned by reaching certain thresholds of Might and they convey a significant advantage in the game. Nobility Titles grant you:

  • Rewards that can be collected daily.
  • A HPPDGamers.png and attack buff in Arena.
  • Can have more heroes deployed in Hero Expedition as well as a HPPDGamers.png buff at higher levels.

This is in addition to the other benefits of higher might:

  • Higher rewards from Quests.
  • More Quests.
  • Higher Rewards from Lost Realm.
  • Higher Rewards from Hero Expedition.

The negatives to consider of higher Might are:

  • Harder raiding opponents.
  • Harder Hero Expedition opponents.
  • Increased stat buffs for enemy heroes in Lost Realm, making them harder.
  • Quests require more to complete.

IconTitleMight requiredStat boostGemsGem.png Earned dailyHonor BadgesHB.png Earned DailyShardsShard.pngEarned DailyHero Expedition HP BuffDeployable heroes in Hero Expedition
nob.pngCadet34120%5Gem.png 0006
nob.pngSoldier50245%8Gem.png 50HB.png006
nob.pngSquire822110%10Gem.png 100HB.png006
nob.pngKnight1125415%12Gem.png 150HB.png010%6
nob.pngSir1453620%15Gem.png 200HB.png015%6
nob.pngLord1728135%20Gem.png 500HB.png10Shard.png20%6
nob.pngBaronet1965445%22Gem.png 1000HB.png20Shard.png25%6
nob.pngBaron2124555%25Gem.png 1500HB.png30Shard.png30%7
nob.pngViscount2301165%27Gem.png 2000HB.png40Shard.png35%7
nob.pngEarl2614175%32Gem.png 3000HB.png50Shard.png40%7
nob.pngMarquis3154285%35Gem.png 3500HB.png50Shard.png40%8
nob.pngDuke3834595%38Gem.png 4000HB.png70Shard.png60%8
nob.pngArchduke45923105%40Gem.png 4500HB.png80Shard.png70%9
nob.pngGrand Duke58000115%75Gem.png 7000HB.png100Shard.png80%10
nob.pngKing80000125%100Gem.png 8800HB.png120Shard.png90%10
Emperor120000130%100Gem.png 10000HB.png140Shard.png100%10
Dominator180000135%100Gem.png 12000HB.png160Shard.png110%
(We expect)
Sovereign300000140%100Gem.png 15000HB.png180Shard.png120%
(We expect)

To view nobility titles in game or claim your daily Nobility rewards click on your Might in the top left hand corner of your home screen:


This will bring up your Nobility Title page where you can claim your rewards:

nobility title

On this page you can claim your rewards, get a description of Might in the ‘Might’ tab or look at the list of Nobility Titles in the ‘Description’ tab. Note that the overall Arena buff is the aggregate increase of your Buff – Their Buff. See the Arena page for more details.