Raids are the main stream of resources in Castle Clash. When raiding you can access 25% of the enemies stored resources and depending on what Heroes and Magic you have at your disposal you can destroy bases with incredible efficiency. You can raid in a couple of minutes what will take your Gold Mines and Mana Mills hours to produce. Raids also provide a small amount of experience for your heroes and are generally quite easy to do regardless of what heroes you have at your disposal.

You raid by selecting the attack icon on the bottom left hand corner of your Castle Clash main screen:



If you currently have a shield you will be reminded that to raid someone means sacrificing your shield:

raids shield



You will be shown the base of a random offline player within your might range. You can attack the player by dropping any hero, troop, flag or spell anywhere in their territory. You can also choose to skip to the next random base by selecting the icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, this costs the specified amount of GoldGold.png:



You can also see the available loot at this base in the top right:



There are a few spells that are especially useful when raiding:

  • Restoration: Very good in the early game. Allows your heroes to heal while fighting.
  • Ares’ Fervor: Slight boost to attack makes raiding faster and increases the effect of skills that deal damage based on attack (Thunder God, Grizzly Reaper, Spirit Mage for example).
  • Guardian Angel(GA): Incredible spell. Use a bunch of heroes with powerful procs and send them directly into the core of the enemy base, drop GA and your enemies heroes will charge your heroes energy with their attacks resulting in many devastating Procs. Pumpkin Duke +Minotaur Chieftain can clear a base in seconds this way.
  • Ares’ Frenzy: Reasonably self explanatory.  Huge boost to attack, attack speed and movement speed makes raiding a much faster experience. Stacks with Pumpkin Dukes ability.
  • Snowstorm: Freezes as well as damages anything inside it’s range, including towers. If used correctly and in conjunction with Ares Frenzy often the base is destroyed before the spell ends.


When I raid I drop my team close to the base, Frenzy them then drop GA once they get to the enemy heroes. By the time the spells wear off all of the enemy heroes and towers are destroyed. Just be careful of Revitalize 5/5 Spirit Mage’s or Aries’, if you see one ensure you use GA before they get in range.

The riches flag can be purchased from your guild for 1 guild credit and is a handy asset to have when you find a base overflowing with riches. For more information about Flags, view the Guild page.

Hero Selection:

  • Heroes with multi-target skills perform well.
  • Faster attack speed and higher attack Heroes.
  • Sometimes you may want to lead with a tank class hero with high HP to take the damage from towers, especially if your other heroes are quite fragile.

Best Heroes:

A lot of Heroes are very good at Raiding and due to the potency of magic, proficient raiding is possible with any heroes. The best, in no particular order are:

Best Free to Play (FTP) Heroes; ShardableShard.png
heroes only:

In order.

  • Grizzly Reaper
  • Thunder God
  • Druid
  • Immortep
  • Ninja