Team Recommendation: Arena Head to Head

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There is no best Head to head team for Arena. It really depends on what your opponents heroes are (even more so than open lane does). However it generally would include:

  • Aries Revite + Sprint
  • Warlock Revite
  • Vlad War God + Bulwark
  • Dread Drake.
  • Valentina with Revite 4-5
  • PD Revite + Sprint/Psyshield

Notable heroes for this game mode are:

The King of Arena. The first Aries to procs wins in the vast majority of Arena matches. This is why Revitalize 5/5 talent and Sprint crests are so important.
As in all game modes, PD provides you with the biggest increase to your whole teams damage output.
Large attack buff as well as faster procs for your heroes that are designed to kill your enemies heroes.
The biggest one shot damage dealer. If he has a high skill level and procs after PD and Cupid you can say goodbye to the enemy heroes.
Huge damage dealer head on with very high HP, also protects your heroes from negative effects after procing.
Powerful all round hero for Head to Head Arena. High HP, high damage, de-buffs and slows the enemy.
Sensational head on. Has very good damage capability and is incredibly durable thanks to high HP and a self healing skill.
Mediocre stats but stuns for 1.5 seconds and has no cooldown with his skill.
Has 1, single use; Stops a faster Aries from procing before yours with her long range + 5/5 Scatter.
A slightly weaker Santa. Used to kill your enemy heroes before you Aries proc wears off or they kill you.
Stuns and reduces enemies energy, valuable to stop the enemy heroes procing before your guys finish the job.
Huge HP boost the the crystal, high damage dealing proc with a stun. Deflect aspect of his skill also has the ability to kill Santa’s and Spirit Mages.

With full revitalize procs at the start of the battle and slows down 3 enemy troops.

Bigger badder warlock, reduces 3 enemies speed and attack. Has inbuilt revite 5 so procs immediately.

This hero is incredible for the arena. He procs at the start of battle on every opponent hero breaking any psyshields that are present and giving you a huge start in the Aries race thanks to his stun.

His fast energy recovery means you will often get more than one proc out of him too.

If that isn’t enough, he has an incredible amount of HP!

The ultimate weapon against Aries in the Arena. A must have for players who want to compete at this format.