Team Recommendation: Guild Boss 1-4

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The best teams depend on what boss you are playing. Boss 1-3 all you need is PD 7/9, Cupid 7/9 Champion and Thunder god to stun lock, the other heroes and their talents do not matter. For Boss 4 you need to stop him procing because he auto-kill’s anything his proc hits. The way to do this is to slow him down so that he attacks rarely and hope that when he attacks he doesn’t have enough energy to proc (or is under Aries’ silence). The heroes you use for this are:

  • PD
  • Frost Witch
  • Aries
  • Pixie, or other Scatter hero.
  • Moltanica

The other hero doesn’t matter, you should probably use Druid so you can heal from his regular attack ( or put life drain on Molt and use him to tank). All of the particularly useful boss heroes and their purposes are shown below:

3 second stun is the longest in the game.
Allows you to stun-lock the boss if you can get your stunner procing faster than their effect wears off. ( 7/9 skill level required for stun-locks)
Critical for getting PD’s skill double and triple stacked to establish a stun-lock.
De-buff’s the bosses attack which makes tanking him much easier until you have ( or if you can’t) stun-lock.
1.5 second stun makes him useful in conjunction with Champion.
With a 2 second stun at 4/9 he is useful for complimenting the stun of your other heroes.
A reasonable alternative to Moltanica if all you need is someone to de-buff the boss.
The go to guy if you need that little bit of extra damage.

Frost Witch

For boss 4, comb o with Aries to stop the bastard procing.


Especially good for Boss 4. minimizes the chances he has to proc.


For boss 4. If you can get Pixie (or any other scatter 5+hero) attacking last, in combination with Aries and Frost Witch, you can stop the boss procing altogether.