Team Recommendation: Here be Monsters


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Your perfect HBM team may vary slightly depending on what talents/crest’s you have available and what your heroes skill levels are. Generally however, for high tiers, the perfect HBM team is:

  • Pumpkin Duke, Berserk + Revive Crest.
  • Cupid with Berserk, slowdown is ok also (you could have both but you will want revitalize 5 on the perfect Cupid for other game modes.)
  • Ghoulem. (Druid is a reasonable replacement but Orksbane generally isn;t good enough past HBM R).
  • Skull Knight with LifeDrain. Unkillable house that is super good against the enemy bosses.
  • Vlad Dracula with War God and Bulwark/Revive/Life Drain. OR Santa Boom with War God and Bulwark (Revive and Stone Skin are very decent options for Santa as well).
  • Moltanica with Life Drain and Slow Down (Bulwark is a reasonable talent here also). OR Artica with LifeDrain + Slow Down or Bulwark.



The notable heroes for this game mode are:


The king of HBM! Vlad flies, has range, does massive damage to multiple targets, has high HP and self heals! Top tier hero.

Santa is the biggest damage dealer in the game, is ranged and has a slowdown affect on his skill. His skill is the only one with no target limit which makes him especially suited for HBM-R+. Top tier hero.

Ranged, is a very competent healer for those who do not have Ghoulem.

Pumpkin Duke is responsible for the greatest boost in Damage per second possible, an absolute must for the higher levels of HBM. Top tier hero.

Very High HP and Damage capability, flies and is ranged. Moltanica also has a very powerful skill that debuffs the enemies attack as well as slowing both movement and attack speed. Top tier hero.

Very high HP and Damage capability with a powerful skill that hits all targets around a point and protects your heroes from negative status’. Also has 5/5 Revive inherently, this hero is designed for HBM. Top tier hero.

High damage, hits many targets and stuns with his skill. Very useful replacement for a top tier hero.

High damage skill that hits many targets. More or less a weaker Vlad Dracula that doesn’t heal himself.

Top tier HBM Hero. Large damage dealer to many targets and a very decent tank. I strong Destroyer can replace a missing Skull Knight.

High damage skill that gives your team a damage buff. A decent replacement hero if you’re lacking a top tier HBm hero.

Ranged, flies and has arguably the most powerful skill in the game; a large attack boost as well as a boost to all heroes energy to help them proc faster. Cupid will make the top 6 for HBM of almost every player.

Doesn’t heal as well as Druid but has Sensational HP and a skill that hits up to 20 targets, with decent damage and slows them down.

The best healer in the game and a bit of a damage machine himself. Top Tier hero.

Similar impact to Moltanica, great tank, ranged and flying. Top tier hero.

Amazing tank that can soak up punishment from bosses. Also deals consistent damage himself.

Decent damage dealer, stuns and can tank well.