Team Recommendation: Lost Realm

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The best lost realm teams depend on what purpose you have them for. Most good teams should kill monsters. All of the demon bosses are best fought with (amongst the 2 players):

  • 1x Tank (the attacking player).
  • 2x PD
  • 2x Frost Witch/Molt (Frost Witch is much better)
  • 1 Shaman
  • 1 Druid
  • 1 Aries (2 Aries, 1 with 5/5 revite, one with no revite is ideal).
  • Other heroes don’t matter but Santa is bad.

For Battle Altars it’s similar to the Arena, if your Aries procs first (and your heroes have high levels and skills) you are going to win most of the time. Therefore you put your Aries (Revite 5/5) at the front and use:

  • Aries.
  • PD/Cupid. If one has a poor talent use the other. If niether has revite or berserk than use PD.
  • Valentina.
  • Dread Drake. If you don’t have one then Vlad/Santa are fine (if your Cupid has revite 5 than 3/5 Revite crests are amazing here, doubly so if PD has Revite too).
  • Warlock/Harpy (only Warlock if he has 5/5 Revite).

The standout heroes for this game mode include:

Very powerful, critical when battling for an altar and very useful on the tougher monster teams.
As usual the damage boost provided by his skill is very hard to do without.
PD’s best sidekick just like in every other format.
Very useful in the front row against groups of heroes. His lack of cooldown means he can proc very often while getting hit.
Huge damage dealer who can end the battle with 1 proc if he procs after PD and Cupid.

Another massive damage dealer. While Santa kills faster, Drac is much harder to kill.

Very useful when battling for Battle Altars, keeps their ground based troops from procing by reducing energy and stunning.
Deals huge damage when the enemy heroes are clustered around, very tanky.
Just like in Arena she can stop a 5/5 Revitalize Aries from procing at the start of battle.
Huge damage dealer that stuns with his proc. Reflect damage aspect decimates enemy heroes. Best tank for the boss too.  

If you both have 5/5 Revite Aries, her proc can determine who wins.

If you both have Revite 5/5 Aries, your 5/5 Revite Warlock can determine who wins.

If this guy procs with a high level skill he is pretty much impossible to kill. Of course he doesn’t proc if Aries get’s to him first.

This guy is a monster in battle for Altars. His autoproc at the start of battle breaks all Psyshields and stun’s the opposition Aries, giving you the jump.

The Ultimate Aries defense, especially if she has Revite 4/5.