Team Recommendation: Raids & Dungeons

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There is no best team for raids, the best heroes really are just the ones that suit your raid style. With Magic and a bit of practice raids should be pretty easy for most players to master. All of the following heroes are particularly good:

Allows you to kill your enemy heroes before you reach them.
The biggest overall damage booster for your team.
Allows your heroes that can hit the enemy heroes from a distance proc faster.
Humongous damage dealer who can hit from a distance, wiping out all enemy heroes if he procs on them.
Super Tank who heals and has decent damage, useful to keep your other heroes out of harms way.
Another super tank but with far greater damage capabilities.
The best hero for fast 50%+ destruction of raid targets. Due to hitting upward of 30 targets 1 proc from a 7+/9 Mino defeats most bases.
Healing is valuable when being pecked at by towers.
Another hero that hits the enemy heroes from a distance. Grizzly Reaper and Thunder God can be used in this role too.
Very hard to kill with his high HP, Life Drain and damage reflection.
Deals damage to multiple targets at a difference and gives your team a damage buff.

Fast, powerful and doesn’t get massacred by the garrisoned towers in elite and insane dungeons.