Team Recommendation: Storm Mesa

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The best team for (DPS) Storm Mesa is:

  • PD
  • Vlad Dracula
  • Immortep
  • SnowZilla
  • Santa Boom

The stand out heroes for this game mode include:

Critical hero: Allows your team to reach the speed and damage caps that are required to defeat the Mesa’s in time.
A couple of Cupids allow your Pumpkin Dukes to go nuts faster and reach the critical Quadruple stack sooner.
Still easily the best healer in the game. If you have enough PD’s the only way to lose in mesa’s is to have them die, Druid stops this from happening.
Has the highest single target DPS in the game when there is a damage cap. Great addition if you’re struggling to win in time.
3rd highest single target DPS. Less useful than Snowzilla or Santa but a reasonable alternative.
2ns highest single target DPS. Less useful than Snowzilla but a reasonable alternative.
4th highest single target DPS. Less useful than Snowzilla, Immortep and Santa but a reasonable alternative.
Teams without 9 star heroes will get value from an Aries being present to stop the boss(s) from procing.
In the same as Aries, helps weaker heroes survive better by removing energy of the boss(s) and other heroes.

Higher DPS than Druid and heals well enough for Storm Mesa’s.