Torch Battles


Torch Battle is a  guild exercise that is available to the top 3000 Guilds on each server. It is the only game mode where guilds fight each other although you can’t see which guilds you are attacking. Torch Battles are a bi-weekly event that happen between 09:00 and 21:00 server time on Wednesdays and Saturdays, although if played correctly the event is actually only a 30 minute event. Successful guilds earn ShardsShard.png and HBHB.png for all guild members (even those who do not participate). The amount of rewards earned is based on the Guilds level and how many torches are successfully retained at the end of the event.


How to find Torch Battle:

To find Torch Battles click on your guild Hall and open the Event Tab:





Select Torch battle.


Description of Torch Battle:

When you enter Torch Battles this screen will open up:



It has a short description. At the bottom of the page is the Rewards. If there has been a completed Torch Battle that you have not yet claimed the rewards for it will tell you what they are and you can press the ‘Claim’ icon to claim them. If another Torch Battle commences before you claim your rewards from the last one they will be forfeited. If the event is in progress there will be an event timer (instead of ‘Coming Soon’) and the current amount of rewards earned will be displayed. To compete in an ongoing Torch Battle Press on the Haul Torch tab:

zz 002



On this page you can see your guilds current rank in the Torch Battle (300) and the number of Torches currently owned, ’98/200′. The higher your Guild level, the more torches will be required to be gained to receive max rewards, the Guild members will also receive higher rewards.

You can’t see what guilds are in each rank but you can select what rank to attack. To try to take torches from another guild click on one of the ‘Haul’ Icons:

zz 003


Here you can attempt to steal torches from other guilds. You start with 10 haul attempts available and regenerate one every 30 minutes. To use one simply click on a hero and press the ‘Haul’ icon:

zz 004


Now your hero travels to the other guild and steals a torch. If he is not defeated by them they will lose a torch and your guild will gain one. They can see him incoming and try to stop him with one of their own heroes.

When an attempt to Haul torch has been sent on a guild the members of that guild can see the incoming attacks in the ‘Guard Torch’ tab:



This is an incoming attack that will land in 1m 31s by an enemy Druid. To stop it you press the ‘Guard’ icon and select a hero. The 2 heroes will then fight one on one:



If the defending Guild wins the haul attempt is vanquished. If the attacker wins the countdown continues and a guild member can attempt to defend again. If the hero’s timer runs out before it is successfully defended against a torch is claimed.

Torch Battle Strategy:

Being successful in Torch battles is relatively easy and does not require strong heroes. What is needed is communication and planning.

  • Do not haul torches early. If you haul torches early you appear higher on the rankings list and are more likely to receive incoming attacks. Plan your torch battle so that you reach maximum torches in the last 15-30 minutes. Never have more than half of the required torches before then.
  • Coordinate with your guild. If everyone attacked the same target the sheer volume of the incoming attacks will often mean many get through successfully. If you can cooperate with other guilds, even better!
  • Have a particular guild member who organizes the torch battle and directs people, it makes it simpler when one person gives unequivocal directions.