Training Center


The Training Center is the building where you unlock and level up your troops. Troops are upgraded with GoldGold.png
and once a troop is at level 5 the next tier of troop of that type is unlocked. There are 4 different classes of troop but unfortunately IGG has not made troops relevant to game play yet. The troop types can be seen in the Training Center page:


Each of the top 4 troops represents a troop class with the troops under them being the next tier of troop in that class:

  • Guardian- Normal: Move fast but can only attack things on the ground.
  • Hunter- Ranged: Weak against melee and strong against flying enemies.
  • Pyromancer- Magic: Low HP but high Attack.
  • Treant- Destructive: High HP but target towers first. Treant and Mecha Man can not attack units and heroes with flying.


Upgrade Costs:

This is a table with the cost to reach a specific level from the previous one:

Tier Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
1 7,000Gold.png 30,000Gold.png 50,000Gold.png 100,000Gold.png
2 214,000Gold.png 390,000Gold.png 550,000Gold.png 950,000Gold.png
3 1,003,200Gold.png 1,562,000Gold.png 2,070,000Gold.png 3,340,000Gold.png