Check the videos at the bottom of the page out for Wretched Gorge 3 bases and how to do WG3 with 2 players only.

Wretched Gorge is a Team Here be Monsters challenge that can be accessed from the same portal as Team Dungeons at the top of your home base, select the shield option:

iphone 699 In the Wretched Gorge, you and 3 teammates combine your bases to defend a HBM-like attack. The buildings you can use are any combination of Hero bases, Walls and towers. You can only use up to 6 hero bases and all the buildings in Wretched Gorge have their own levels independent of your home bases building levels. You can only level up one building at a time for a cost of ManaMana.png and Honor BadgesHB.png. When you open the Wretched Gorge you get a screen that looks similar to the Team Dungeon screen: iphone 703   Here you can create a Wretched Gorge to invite your guildmates to, join a public Wretched Gorge or use ‘form team’ to build your base. The actual gameplay allows you and your teammates to place, rotate and plan your bases accordingly: iphone 704   Optimal strategy involves having bases that are designed to work together. There is no universally accepted ‘best’ base yet, here are the two I am currently using: iphone 700The base above is useful for public WG1 or 2, it is not perfect for any setup but does not require your teammates to have particular bases for it to do its job. iphone 702   This one is better for WG 2 and 3 but requires your teammates to have the same base built.